Sunday, January 3, 2016

David Codrea: "Powder Keg Occupation of Oregon Wildlife Refuge Just Needs a Spark."

"That’s why an analysis by Mike Vanderboegh on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog is important for the government (and for all of us) to understand, so that people with access to decision-makers know, in no uncertain terms, the precipitous situation a brutal reaction will produce — for everyone."
If things blow up in Oregon, things could quickly get out of control everywhere, and while we can only imagine what that will look like, the certainty is things would be ugly and prolonged. The government will act and affected people who will not comply will react. It’s an incredibly dangerous situation, where a shot, whether intentional or an “accidental” discharge — and it may not even matter which “side” fires it — could be the “Time’s up” spark that changes all the rules.


Anonymous said...

This is going to play right into the narrative of the "crazy right wing white man militia" that this administration has been pushing. The white, male, Christian, Veteran who is disgruntled with his government gets guns and gets violent. I can garuantee that this will come up at the town hall propaganda piece that POTUS is set to do this Thursday on gun control and gun violence.


Jackson said...

The government claims they were poachers, and the "arson" was part of covering up a poaching operation.
This is how it is being reported on local (Oregon) TV. It's all based on this official US DOJ memo:

Anonymous said...

Our goal should be to make the feds aware of the potential unintended consequences of their actions, whilst leaving them a way out until the very moment things go over the cliff. We don't want a civil war, and if it can be avoided, it must.

That said, should it prove unavoidable, we have a duty to remain ready to fight.

Right now, I'm as worried by the over eager fools on our side as I am by the seemingly blind appetite of our opposition.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope it doesn't end up like the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco!

Anonymous said...

The Judge is the Domestic Terrorist, obviously taking her cue from Soviet Style Court Process.
America has become what we once fought against!!
What the Hell is wrong with US?!
How much GD More do we take...
or shall we just quit and bow to the American Politburo of collectivism and King Hussein?

Nice job we did for our children and grandchildren! Well done traitors!!!!

Chiu ChunLing said...

We're not really prisoners of our principles.

We're prisoners of a police state. If we hold to our principles, we recognize that fact and seek a means to free ourselves. If we refuse to recognize that fact, we must finally relinquish any claim to principles.

If we still think that anything we might do would be a "first use of force", any Federal agents we might target "innocents", then what does "moral strength" even mean? What remaining atrocity are we waiting in "physical readiness" to resist?

These are serious questions. I cannot answer them because I consider myself personally justified in killing as many agents of tyranny as necessary to ensure they do not, cannot resume their acts of violence against me and my family personally. I am not waiting for anything but tactically advantageous opportunities to kill them where I find them. But I doubt many of us (that still live) have reached that point yet. I have the luxury of looking at it from the perspective of someone they have already attempted to murder, in my own home, without the slightest legal pretext (the fact that they deemed "plausible deniability" necessary caused their attempt to fail, it has also apparently made them hesitant to try again). I've been told that people simply don't survive coordinated, premeditated murder attempts by the agents of the state, from personal experience I can infer that it certainly isn't easy even when they screw up.

Should everyone wait till they survive such an experience themselves before considering taking overt action consistent with their morals? I can't help but consider myself a fool for having to literally feel the oppressor's boot on my own (at the time) lifeless body before concluding it was time to fight back. I can't recommend it. But is that what it will take to convince you?

If so, I can hardly say I don't understand. That's where I was right up to the moment when they attacked me from behind as I spoke of "laws" and "justice" and "inherent rights".

Now, I speak of war, think of tactics, and contemplate the justification for using biological weapons if they prove less politically disadvantageous than conventional arms. Perhaps the cops didn't fail to murder that effete prat trying to talk a gang of oathbreakers out of their life of crime...I certainly don't feel like the same fellow.

Anonymous said...

Ends one of two ways, neither plays well for anyone. Very well may be the third strike to start the real end game for gov. Smart move is to not force either hand unless you want to take on the full forces of either side. C. Dorner was a nobody, the men who may become involved here on both sides are not second rate. Choose your path wisely.

Anonymous said...

Its done already. What makes anyone think the feds haven't leveraged every single intel gathering technology already? The Bundy ranch event was never a surrender by the feds but a beta test to keep a enemy ground force busy so they could proof all the intel tech usefulness, domestic employment of drones, find fix and keep the enemy focused where they wanted them...and then when it was all done, the did a lessons learned review so DHS/FBI could synchronize everything.

Any and Every single fool who thought the militia won the day and thinks the feds surrendered, got exactly what the feds wanted them to believe.. it wasn't a win for militias at all BUT THEY THINK SO. But people will only see what they want to see, they never acknowledge BITTER truth. Enough said on the latest misstep by the militia movement. you are quite frankly TWO generations TOO LATE.

When the people had the upper hand to fight government overreach and restore retraint on the US FED GOV, they didn't, and now it is beyond reigning in and has leveraged all the technology and attention to make sure it is never brought down. They have proofed the weapons and technology and tactics overseas, and corrupted the minds of those who employ it, and now it is aimed exclusively at people dissenting against its desire to become absolute.. you are too late to fight it, tyranny wone before courage and spine and outrage built enough to counter it. The last part if the Communist plan to take over is to simply outlast anyone who could pass on the truth to their kids, whom they are already brainwashing in the education system, to comply. 5 to 10 more years and the people that could fight them will be too old and too sick or will have died.

All communism needed to do was creep in slow enough to outlast resistance, 8 more years of clinton crime cartel rule and they will have won irreversibly. Thats a hard truth to swallow, but when you set aside all the personal filters on reality, all the personal pride, people will see that it is inevitable. I dont like at all, but people cant bring themselves to look at naked truth and grasp it. You lost your country and future due to lack of vigilance and candor enough to see what was really happening, the people neither cared enough nor had connections enough to the Founding Fathers vision, as a result that vision has died, at least a generation ago.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Neal Jensen please report to the railway station and board any open boxcar.

Chiu ChunLing said...

While I think it is important to recognize just how dire our situation may be, I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel. Actually, I'm seriously toying with the idea of going beyond raising awareness of how futile it is for the state to outlaw weapons when the deadliest weapons can be manufactured from dirt and spoiled food, and setting out to disseminate detailed instructions on how to practically do it.

I think I'll stick with raising awareness that it can be done...for now. But I'm not going to absolutely disavow it as long as they keep trying to take away everything else we might use to avenge the destruction of our nation on those miserable traitors.

They may have pushed their agenda further than most people can admit without feeling all is lost...but I assure you, they haven't won yet and I'll be damned before I let them.

I mean that quite literally. I will take personal moral responsibility for murdering tens of millions before I let them get away with this. I'm not opposed to finding less extreme measures, but if nothing else can be done I will do whatever is necessary to ensure they don't get away with this.

Anonymous said...

Bitter truth, the people taste it but won't acknowledge it. If you can't imagine the applied strategy and accept the evidence I have pointed at that proves my point (See the video on youtube Grinding Down America) and see it in action before your eyes, you will be overcome by it because you will not accept reality.

Hey Anonymous, glad to see you understand NOTHING about strategy nor tactical considerations. When you fail to know and understand your enemy or the battlefield, they have already won. Climb aboard any box car you want, I wont be stupid enough to report for the ride.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen