Thursday, November 12, 2015

"The Video that will Rip Chicago Apart."

"There is a video that could tear Chicago apart. It will go viral if released, and the world will see something ugly and frightening on the Southwest Side. It comes from a police dashboard camera. City Hall worries that political hell may be on the way. Activists are primed. The politics of race and police use of force are at hand. And a court hearing is scheduled for next week on whether it should be released to the public."
"City officials said police, responding to a call of a man slashing tires, followed McDonald carefully and calmly as he wandered. They called for backup and Tasers. Then McDonald walked out onto Pulaski Road. Only one cop opened fire, shooting 16 times in all, and the video is said to show the rounds hitting McDonald in the back, the legs, arms, neck and head, the bullets making the body jump again and again."
". . . Attorney Jeff Neslund, a former prosecutor, helped quickly secure a $5 million settlement from the city for McDonald's family. I figure Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not want the video shaping his mayoral-runoff election campaign."


Chiu ChunLing said...

This pattern plays out again and again. #BlackLivesMatters is a false-flag organization designed to focus attention on unambiguously justified actions while downplaying and dismissing overtly criminal police actions. When an obviously unjustified use of force has already gained too much media attention, #BlackLivesMatters works carefully to characterize it as a mere addendum to an over-hyped incident in which it is obvious the actions of the police were justified. This kills attention to the incident in which police actually acted in a criminal manner and associates it firmly with the widely disseminated evidence that police actions in the other incident were not criminal.

When an incident cannot be easily sent down the media 'memory hole' and no other prominent incident is suitable for use as cover, #BlackLivesMatters organizes mass criminality in urban areas (with complete cooperation of the local police forces) to demonstrate the dangers of anti-police sentiment, no matter how justified. And for the most part this has been successful in convincing most people to side with police against rampant criminality rather than recognizing that the police exist to serve the rampant criminality of the political class (this was always predominantly true from the origin of the first professional police forces in American cities, the Rockwellian "small town cop" was always an aberration from this norm, and an increasingly rare one in recent years).

Obviously, a large percentage of any mass movement is composed of dupes and fools who do not understand or adhere to the real agenda, especially when the agenda is disinformation in support of a police state it pretends to oppose. Not every slack-jawed moron barely able to muster the neural capacity to hold a sign and walk down the street knows they are effectively advocating for removal of all remaining vestiges of police accountability mechanisms. The vast majority of hard-working Americans are too busy to pay attention to the real purpose of #BlackLivesMatters.

But the numbers are clear enough. It isn't black people who are in extraordinary danger of being murdered by police. Nor will the expanded powers of the police state which #BlackLivesMatters serves to justify be used predominantly against high-crime populations.

Wrench said...

Sooner or later, it will be the late 60's again where cities will be burning. Glad I live in rural Amerika...

Anonymous said...

Sun already getting sleepy? And yet this year is poised to be the warmest in millennia..
What is not stated here is that the sun's cycles are already represented in the climate models. The suns output is of course important, but the decline is not that great, relatively.
And assuming this affects some cooling? The effects of increasing co2 keep building... Once the sun is again in full swing, then our children reap the harsh rewards of our nearsightedness.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the reaction from our collectivist-in-chief when Baltimore/Ferguson style riots are tearing apart his hometown.

Released or leaked, the video's going to come out. Unless the footage is vastly different from what is described, there's going to be thousands of morons out for blood and/or free TVs. It is kind of a shame, Chicago's a collectivist hellhole but I'm sure there are good people locked in by job or family... Perhaps some will think to hire Roof Koreans.

David Dawson said...

Dare I consider it or even write it?
Are there planted, race war provoking, agent provocateurs amongst the usually decent, dedicated American men and women of law enforcement? If so, have they been put in place by chance or by design?
Does anyone else find it strange that in spite of all the well documented, controversial police shooting incidents over the last few years these types of shootings are still occurring, and at this frequency? Always occurring in areas that are already racial tinderboxes. In cities where the ruling liberal political class give the criminal element the moral equivalence of a law abiding citizen, or a police officer? In areas where police/public relations are already strained? You'd think they would be on the decline... but no.
Does it not seem odd how rapidly organized these so called protesters become? How the lefty pols, encouraged by the leftist MSM, are willing to give them space to destroy. Showing weakness and indecision in the face of organized urban violence and destruction, while subverting the rights and safety of regular citizens? Willfully and publicly undermining law enforcement as the level of anger and intent grows.
Is it cynical to consider or naive not to?
Such is the nature of this relentless, well planned subversion of America. This country is being ripped apart at the seams, and as is the case in guerrilla warfare or a methodical, subversive coup de'tat, its getting harder to tell friend from foe. Right from wrong. I wonder if this is what Cambodia was like in the early stages of the Pol Pot - Khmer Rouge regime?
I'm not given to conspiracy, I prefer the old English adage, "Cock up before conspiracy," over a mental condition of paranoia and fear, but man it's getting harder and harder to rationalize, let alone ignore.

Anonymous said...

Chiu ChunLing @9:55 AM, Exactly! 'Black Lives Matter' is a 'False Flag' operation, Planned to Try and get the American Populace on the side of more Police State Tyranny, by pretending to be opposed to it!

Also, it's widely acknowledged that White Ex-Nazi George Soros, is the person behind 'Black Lives Matter'!

Anonymous said...

Just as the freddy gray "trials" are being held up for maximum election impact, So too will this one be held until the best possible moment. Th payouts in both cases were almost instant - so that the people involved wouldn't snap off and timing could be controlled as a result. In the Freddy factor, we will see the same thing as the Brown scenario - the cops will all be let go without consequence. Throwing them under the bus was always meant to play the narrative. Their cases tossed, charges dropped or at the most plea deals absent jail time were always meant to piss people off. Plus, registering to vote meant possibly getting on juries. Exposed - their charges were always get out the vote plots.

Notice how the fools have lost literally every basket they tried to weave? Even the Garner case, where there was merit, they sacrificed the economic freedom thuggery for the race cause - knowing it would fail. But Why? Why intentionally lose them all? Well victim status of course. But then comes this one, then comes McDonald. It is the cherry on top It is the one they set the stage to light up the silver screen to con people into thinking all of them were really just like this one.

Hiding the video entirely cannot happen. It will "leak" if it is. Sadly, rather than truth playing the lead, race will be blamed. Lost in the kerfuffle will be qualified immunity and sovereign immunity. Forgotten will be criminal prosecution because survivors settled for civil law remedy.

I am telling you right now, people are going to die over this and Chicago will burn, at least in part, over it...making Baltimore and Ferguson look mild by comparison. The script is already written, the play is already casted and all that remains now is opening night. Think NYPD turned their backs on Debalssio? Wait till ya see what Rahm gets when he plays his hand!

Anonymous said...

Roof Koreans? Damn a whole new cottage industry was just born. Grab the kimchee and your rifle Yum Yum we're going hunting!

Anonymous said...

Chicago is not Obama's hometown. He was told to go to Chicago by his Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Coincidentally, he found his way to a church whose teachings are based on the writings of a communist-Dr. James Cone.

Robert Fowler said...

"Perhaps some will think to hire Roof Koreans."

Since I live in a small city, I'll take two.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Just a word of clarification on the relevant numbers, the key ratio isn't between the number of police killings of a given racial group and how prevalent they are in the general population, but rather how prevalent they are in the population of violent criminals (relatively easily measured by taking a weighted average of all murderers and rapists with extra points for killing of police in the line of duty).

Black people are a distinct minority of the population, but they are a rather significant plurality of those who commit violent crimes. And cops aren't killing anywhere near as many of them as we would expect if cops were simply out there fighting crime. Instead they kill too many whites.

There are two drivers to this. First, it has become increasingly common for cops to aggressively police and sometimes kill non-violent offenders, which more closely reflect the general population because the regulatory state ensures nearly everyone is guilty of some kind of arbitrarily defined infraction or other. Second, cops really are sensitized to racial strife and they disproportionately refrain from being too aggressive in pursuing violent criminals from racial minorities.

Of course, the bulk of police violence against people who are not criminals except by the whim of tyrants is non-fatal, but can still have major permanent negative impacts on the victims of such injustice. And while cops are sensitive to the racial implications of killing violent criminals, they don't seem to be as careful about considering race when responding to non-violent offenses (at times it almost seems that cops take out their frustrations over not being able to effectively police violent crimes committed by blacks on non-violent blacks...I cannot explain this behavior in rational terms nor am I fully convinced the appearance of such a pattern is more than pervasive media distortion).