Saturday, November 7, 2015

The rawest "story."

The REAL Raw Story – Vicky Davis
After reading the Raw Story titled Militia Warns Against Refugee Invasion (linked from Drudge Report last night ) about the III% March against the Refugee Resettlement Program in Boise last Sunday, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they pulled out their boilerplate story changed a few variables, took a quote out of context, emphasized it and published their smear piece. They drew their slant from the story published on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website: III Percenters Ride Wave of Islamophobia in Idaho to Lead Anti-Refugee Protests. Because the Raw Story website and the SPLC have painted the III% with a brush they don’t deserve, TVOI News is going to tell the REAL Raw Story – the story behind the story that you will never see in the mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that one Dutchman, big time..i sent out an expose containing articles about this story to my e-mail recipients the other day and this article really defines the "actors"...I love exposing slimy assholes for what they are

Anonymous said...

Not only do they support unconstitutional ideals, but they actively seek to silence anyone who opposes them. They are NOT about the free exchange of ideas.

When the 'reset' commences, these people need to be hunted and vanquished.

Anonymous said...

"Minute Senior Citizens".
That's funny.

Dave said...

The 3% Idaho rally demonstrated very clearly the mentality of the pro- and con-refugee resettlement groups. The Three Percenters clearly, rationally, and calmly described the potential problems regarding allowing unfettered resettlement of jihadists in Amerika, while the Southern Preposterous Lie Center plants just stood there with their middle fingers extended. Consider the groups aligned with those ignominious SPLC actors: The LDS and other 501(c)(3) churches, the UN, nearly every politician in Amerika, etc.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Trying to damn the SPLC by association runs into the classic "not enough damn" problem.

Some things are just that much worse than anything associated with them.