Monday, November 9, 2015

"The Insurgent. Ted Cruz is leading the most ambitious national campaign no one sees coming."

"Ted Cruz could be president.This sounds like a gag, or at least, the lead to a truism: Anyone could be president, if they run. But it’s serious. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the accomplished, theatrical avatar of grassroots conservatives, has a real shot at winning the presidency of the United States."
See also: "Heritage Action presidential scorecard rates Cruz near-perfect: The hard-line conservative arm of the Heritage Foundation has tough criticism for much of the 2016 field, but high praise for the Texas senator."


Anonymous said...

"Both The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action have become increasingly aggressive since former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint resigned his seat to take over the foundation in late 2012."

Jim DeMint aggressively lobbied (along with Newt Gingrich) to have Paul Ryan appointed Speaker of the House. How conservative can Jim DeMint be if he is lobbying for an Open Borders and T.P.P proponent?

Ted Cruz's was one of the sponsors of the "Corker Amendment" and coauthored with Paul Ryan, a WSJ editorial urging TPP fast track.

I can't trust any of them anymore.

Anonymous said...

If you are waiting for someone who is perfect to support you may need a time machine to take you back a few thousands years but then again there were people even then who denounce him too, don't ya know!

DAN III said...

Cruz, is Constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS. He is not a natural born citizen. Article 2, Section 1, Clause t. But what does that matter to you "patriots" ? The Constitution is dead and you folks helped kill it.

bill cleveland said...

Ted Cruz was one of the original proponents of the Trilateral Commission exercise to make Mexico,the U.S.and Canada a uni-nation, borderless EU clone. Cruz wife has been employed by the CFR for a decade and more.

Are we to believe that he is now a saint of the Conservative Constitutionist sort? Yeah, and pigs voluntarily fly themselves to the slaughter house. What he is isn't the question - what is he trying to convince everyone he is - that is the question; and what is his end game? The walk he walked for years has been supplanted by a carefully re-imaged maverick, conservative facade - just since he was elected to the U.S. Senate. His wife is still with the CFR - who will ask for some explanation of his sudden change in political direction, since leaving the Texas legislature.

DAN III said...

Well Anonymous @ 4:51pm, 9 Nov....just as I wrote....the Constitution is effing DEAD ! And fools like you have contributed to its destruction. .

USC, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5....the POS is not eligible to be POTUS. Just like soetoro-obama, just like Rubio. But you don't you ?

This country is lost.

Anonymous said...

Dan III if a pregnant American women goes on vacation in another country make sure she doesn't have a baby there because in Dan III world that baby is not a natural born citizen. I reckon John McCain shouldn't have been able to run for president either.

"Although the eligibility of native born U.S. citizens has been settled law for more than a century, there have been legitimate legal issues raised concerning those born outside of the country to U.S. citizens. From historical material and case law,it appears that the common understanding of the term “natural born” in England and in the American colonies in the 1700s may have included both the strict common law meaning as born in the territory (jus soli), as well as the statutory
laws adopted in England since at least 1350, which included children born abroad to British fathers (jus sanguinis, the law of descent). The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would
mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born
in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.” Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal
process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen....

Anonymous said...

Bill Cleveland; methinks Cruz may have planned the world trade bombing too.

Josh said...

Not only all the above but Cruz wife worked for Goldman Sachs and the cfr. To top those gangs in evil you would have to be satan.