Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The fix is slipping? Secret political policemen (FBI) MAY actually be seriously investigating Hillary.

FBI steps up interviews in Clinton email probe.


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely NO LOVE LOST between the Obamas and the Clintons. The big "O" DOES NOT WANT Hillary overseeing his legacy projects. And with good cause. Obama is a genuine idealist. Hillary is just a run of the mill power monger. O is going to make sure Hillary does not get elected. But he also does not want to piss off the liberal base...at least not TOO pissed off. Joe Biden said the things he did when he announced he WAS NOT running because he fully intends to step in when Hillary gets indicted. Obama has the goods on Hillary. He's trickling it to HIS FBI a little at a time in a manner like drawing a blade out real slow. He'll drop the big one with just enough time left for Joe to step in before the democrat primary.

Who knows! Maybe Hillary will see whats coming and fake another domestic 'fall' that causes her vision to go all blurry. She would save at least some of her face.

CowboyDan said...

And after thousands of hours and millions of dollars are spent on the investigation, no one whose name we've heard will be found to have done anything that rises to the level of criminality justifying prosecution, according to the Department of Just Us.

One anonymous pissant, whose name is known only to his family and friends, working at the lowest level of responsibility in the state department, WILL be worth prosecuting, and the DOJ will nail his ass to a wall.hell disappear into the Bureau of Prisons and never again breathe free air.

Someone WILL pay!

jeffrey mcfadden said...

the FBI will only do what the hacks at 1600 want them to do.

Anonymous said...

If Anyone believes the FBI is seriously investigating Hillary Clinton, not only have you forgotten the dragged out and RIGGED 'Fast and Furious' investigations, which were dragged out by design, to deliberately end in no convictions. You also will be first in line to buy a Bridge in Brooklyn I have for sale real cheap. Sarc/Off

Anonymous said...

Obama set Hillary up before even being sworn in as secstat. He already had the entire Benghazi thing in motion. And he dropped it in her lap. Her only way out of jail time is to win the presidency.

Does that mean I trust the FBI? Hardly. It's a got to situation, not a want to situation. Either Hillary goes under the bus or the FBI itself does. Me thinks the FBI is gonna choose the FBI.