Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tax feeding Boss Hoggs agree: the ATF piglet needs more slops.

"National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence Urges Obama to Give ATF Resources, Appoint Permanent Director."


Danne said...

Which is why we should be focusing on campaign issues that are meaningful, instead of making it a never ending beauty pagant. For one, I would love to hear some candidate come out and say that government employment by ANYONE should be limited to 10 years, then the individual MUST revert to the private sector for a job, one that is not connected in any way to Govt contracting or Govt has ties. This includes EVERYONE in Govt.....politicians, military and ESPECIALLY the ***bureaucracy***. The left in place bureaucracy after each election is killing us...IT NEEDS GONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I urge the REPUBLICAN MAJORITY in congress to cut off the money to ATF, move all ATF pay checks to the US Marshal accounts payable arena and then pass a sense of the House resolution stating flatly that not one dollar sent to the executive branch can be redirected back into the failure that is the ATF.
TO THE EXTENT that tobacco is still even dealt with in the now defunct alphabet group - send the rest of it and those focused on it to USDA.

In less than six months the ATF can be entirely and officially dissolved without harming one hair on one workers head. It must be done. It must be disbanded.

Anonymous said...


Old Hippie

Anonymous said...

If <0-bum-0 tries to appoint a new director, he/she has to be confirmed by the Senate, which would open up hearings on Fast and Furious and other ATF depredations. This is the one and only reason <0-bum-0 demoted the current acting director when the deadline ran for keeping an "acting" director, but kept all of his duties, powers, and pay exactly the same.

This shows that drooling prognazis don't have a clue. If they had a gun, they'd literally shoot themselves in the feet and heads, as they do figuratively all the time.

Anonymous said...

Time to feed the hoga