Monday, November 9, 2015

Poor babies. "Democrats' Scheme in Mississippi Fails." It will be a different story in CA, AZ and NV, however. Gearing up for the coming armed civil disobedience in those states. "Too far" or "Too radical? Or both?

"If there's one ideology I can't stand above all others, it's pragmatism. People just brutally assert that what they're doing is practical, or what you're doing isn't, but they never consider that what's practical depends on what you want to achieve." -- "Daktoria," blog post, 2010: "Pragmatism Is Stupid."
"Democrats have decided that they will try to win court cases since they cannot win down-ballot offices, thanks to a leftward pitch under Barack Obama. . . It is an attempted power grab that is very similar to President Obama's use of executive orders. Rather than trying to flip the House back to the Democrats' control, Obama has bypassed it with executive orders; the Democrats' strategy in southern and Republican-red states is to bypass legislatures with court actions. You see this happening on gun control via state ballot initiatives. Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg lost big last week in two state Senate races in Virginia. He dumped $2.3 million into trying to wrest the chamber from Republicans, but the GOP held the seats. Bloomberg now will focus on gun-control ballot initiatives, such as one in Nevada and possibly another in Arizona. In Mississippi, the teachers' unions and some wealthy advocates put a referendum on the ballot that would require the legislature to fully fund the education formula, a massive increase over current funding."
Unfortunately, although the Teaching Mafia lost in Mississippi, Bloomberg's millions will likely win in both Nevada and Arizona, just as Newsom's will likely win in Kalifornia. Once again, we will have to expand our armed civil disobedience plans to include those states, although how I can contribute given the resources necessitated by the long-range logistics of travel to that distant AO is more than a little problematic. I am willing if the folks in those states are willing to underwrite the travel and give me a chair to sleep in, a shower to stay reasonably clean and an Internet connection so I can continue to report on events and keep this blog beast fed on a daily basis. My speeches are still free, no matter where I give them. And I wouldn't mind adding three more states to the list of places where I have publicly broken these tyrannical laws. (I still am hoping to get to New York state after the first of the year and stick my defiance of the SAFE Act in Cuomo's eye. The logistics of that are not quite as daunting.)
As far as my health goes, it is admittedly touch and go right now, but my oncologist has given me to understand that the side effects of the new chemo pills I'm taking will only likely grow more onerous the longer I am on it (as it is, I take a month's worth then have to knock off for two weeks to let the body readjust -- then start the cycle over again). This week, I noticed the first episodes of blurred vision predicted by the doc, and he tells me that I have a very good chance of developing boils when I get three or four months in (shades of Job!). So waiting for improvement before doing something would be rather a triumph of hope over experience and not the way to bet. On the plus side, it is also certain beyond a doubt that I am bouyed emotionally by being actively in the fight. I recharge my batteries spiritually by being in a good scrap, risking my hide alongside other folks who live, since Sandy Hook, behind enemy lines. It is, I am convinced, one of the tasks that God made me for. So add to the uncertain minuses of side effects to come, a counterbalancing intangible positive.
The main question, however, is this: Are there any no-compromise groups in those three states that are interested in having me? My informal inquiries have already been rebuffed by groups in two of the three states. I am, it is said -- as has been said before by others in various places -- "too radical" and not fit to grace the stage with other more conventional "established gun rights spokesmen" and "pragmatists" as well as "friendly" politicians who might be "embarrassed" or discredited by means of "guilt by association" if they share the same speaker's platform with me. "We want to stay legal," I was told, although I got the feeling that some of them would be saying that when climbing the platform to the railroad cars.
Kurt Hofmann's dictum applies here. ("It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable.") But it is more than a little frustrating.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
The sentence that jumps out at me is,"Are there any no-compromise groups in those three states that are interested in having me?" Hopefully there are!!..... Don't worry, like you said their "wanting to stay legal" will be their "Last words" as the Box Car Doors slam shut!!!
The only substantive words I've ever read over at old CK's place was,"Once they get the cuffs on you it is too late, never let the scene escalate to that point!!" Good point, their calling their lawyer to get them out of this one is "Futile!!!," he's in the next Box Car!!
'Hope you can find some Patriots with a "Backbone" over there!!!!
Time to 'Lock and Load.......OUTLAW!!!!,

Anonymous said...

Just tell 'em:

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of
justice is no virtue." - Barry Goldwater

... or maybe one day they will learn that terrible truth for themselves after being locked into a cattle car ...

Kiwi III

Anonymous said...

If Bloomberg wants to piss his money away here in AZ, let him. We are always ranked the #1 state for gun rights by Guns and Ammo for a reason.

Chiu ChunLing said...

There is a reason that some terms get appropriated by those who in no way live up to the definition. Just look at all the people who claim to have a "scientific" or "rational" or "Christian" basis for their various agendas.

America, without which the last two centuries of world history cannot be imagined or described, is the very practical result of ideas that some people today describe as "too radical" or "unrealistic". I wouldn't hesitate to call those ideas more scientific, rational, and Christian than everything the world now chooses to describe with those terms.

Anonymous said...

He Mike, just wanted to share this with you.

Stuff like this can be pretty encouraging, including the comments to the linked article.


Ed said...

"Be this guy"?

You mean the one who was not doing the "Bellamy salute"?

Anonymous said...

If you ever come to Northern Virginia, I got you covered.

Anonymous said...

God knows you're welcome in WA State anytime. ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't come to California. Best to you in your cancer fight, but we're fine, and don't need your help. Thanks for the offer.

MissV said...

To Anon 6:53 am. The GOP-controlled AZ legislature was in full cower mode to the Bloomberg henchmen last session as evidenced by several strong gun bills that failed to make it to the floor for a vote.

Piss away his millions? We'd better hope that is what happens because they'll be back in force again this next session. Yes you are correct that AZ is #1 in gun rights. That makes us Bloomberg's crown jewel and the state he wants most to crush, and our corrupt state legislators will be only too happy to help him if it means filling their reelection coffers.

I've heard rumblings, also, of a registration referendum in 2016. Look for it.

And Mike, thank you for mentioning Arizona in your post. I've been wondering if you all were aware of the precarious position our state is in as regards gun rights.