Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pete finally throws in the Kerodin snot rag.

It is with no sense of joy or victory or -- despite Pete's characterization -- gloating that I received this link from readers announcing that Peter White has finally thrown in the snot rag on the criminal Kerodin. I feel only a renewed sense of loss of one of the best friends I ever had. I am still puzzled as to how Kerodin was able to accomplish as much damage as he could among people who, given his criminal record which was known up front, should have known better. Pete decries “internecine bullshit” yet that is exactly how Kerodin began his campaign to subvert, suborn and seize the Three Percent concept -- a campaign that Pete embraced and endorsed. I saw it clearly, yet it still mystifies me that so many didn't. As I've written before, no one owes me any apologies so I will not be emailing Pete to seek one. Each man or woman must look themselves in the mirror, and eventually, look into the face of God. I am not perfect by any means. It seems, however, that I was right from the start about the unrepentant criminal Kerodin. But just at the moment, I'm still profoundly sad at the entire experience.


Anonymous said...

Most times, Mike V, it is not that people "don't see it". They DO see it, they just convince themselves that they don't because admitting to seeing it means you have to do something about what you see.

True it is that some see the good in others, often to a fault. Some just take that to the extreme......and then they have to own it.

Humility says we shouldn't say "I told you so." But you know what? When ya tell em so, over and over and over, then it is just telling the truth to say "I told you so.".

The question is, is it said looking backward with the intent to 'run noses in it" as a means of not doing that again.... or is it a forward looking message meant to say "My credibility on the issue is settled so trust me going forward"?

For you Mike V, I submit your intent is the latter. But then only you can know that absolutely.

Josh said...

If it's not jealousy, fedz, or loons, the devil can always be relied upon to attack that wich is good and just. In Kerods case I'd say all the above.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a sad episode. More than sad, though, it is frightening. Seeing Three Percenters so quickly and easily fractured over a pathetic character like Scam Kerodin was real wake-up call for me. Several friendships were at first strained, then destroyed over people's refusal to see him for the fraud and threat he so clearly was.

Losing friends was bad, but worse was seeing so many "leaders" of the Three Percent school of thought side with the enemy.

Pete's mea culpa comes very late, and is rather feeble. Comments are closed, and after an unsettlingly long silence, this isn't the best moment to choose censorship over accountability. That gloat comment didn't help either.

It's fairly common knowledge that Pete is a corporate attorney. It's now time he addresses how a person such as himself could side with a felon like Kerodin to the detriment of the liberty movement, and justify why, after so long in the wrong camp, we should now trust anything he says.

The rest of us need to step up and be our own leaders, to the extent that this cannot happen again.

Anonymous said...

A lot of wasted time and effort, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

Opposing enemy infiltrators/hijackers can hardly be considered "internecine." After all the WRSA Kerodin-fluffing, turning comments off is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to figure out people like kerodin. My theory may seem like an oversimplification but; some people have personal integrity, and some don't.
And some people have discernment ( you Mike) and some don't.
Hopefully this sad episode is about over. Let's move on, there are dark times ahead that will require men of integrity AND discernment.


grey said...

So am I, profoundly sad that is. I had nothing to do with any of it and never entered into the situation in any way.

tayronachan said...

I never, ever, felt comfortable the few times I've visited Kerodins' blog. He is too in your face aggressive. I had alarm bells going off. It seems to me he eggs people on to do things he won't. Frankly he seems dangerous.

People that have actually done the things he claims to have done, don't talk about it.

Capitalist Eric said...

Whatever his overt motives, the underlying result is the subversion and destruction of the very idea of III%. Bending it to glorify himself, which naturally would diminish the movement, two diametrically opposite goals.

Kerodin has caused damage, in his quest for fame/adulation/control.

Losing friends to such a lowly individual gives that person power, even if he does not fully succeed in his goals.

TAKE that power away from him. Don't let him win.

Anonymous said...

It is a terrible thing when you realize that the efforts you have expended have been in vain. Someone you have believed in turns out to be something other than what they espoused. You hope that you can keep others from making the same mistakes. The position you were in gave you a unique look into the real person you thought you trusted. Finally one day you can no longer be a part of that deception and leave. You have left behind others, friends that you know would join your escape if they knew the truth, but alas they will not believe you even if you offer proof. Doesn't matter however they will not believe you and you have lost a friend but managed to not be a part of the deception.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The fact of the matter is, most humans long to have clear, unambiguous orders to follow. This instinct appears to have no direct correlation to needing clear orders, the vast majority of people capable of devising their own plans would still prefer someone else to make a plan for them as long as it will work as well (which usually makes sense for several reasons).

We worry a lot about those who, despite clearly being deficient in the capacity to devise orders which are worth following, obsess about getting others to do as they say. Such people are a big problem, and worth understanding and resisting. But the other side of the problem is people who follow orders, apparently for no better reason than because they want orders to follow. If not for the former, who like to give orders precisely because they are incompetent, the latter might pose no problems at all. But then, while it wouldn't be precisely accurate to say the reverse, it certainly is probable that incompetents giving orders would only be a relatively minor annoyance if nobody followed them.

In a situation where everyone must take the initiative to act independently for a common goal, you'll have a lot of people who want someone to just tell them what to think and do. And that attracts the sort who likes to do just that despite being terrible at it, especially because everyone who is competent keeps saying "You have to learn to act independently on your own initiative towards the goal we all share."

It's the truth. It can inspire impassioned sermons and detailed analyses. It often needs clarification of the common goals and denunciations of unworthy actions. But it does boil down to something close to a brain-teaser, and requires people to make a moral commitment to something that society often condemns as immoral (especially as the moral authority of society crumbles), acting on your own best judgment rather than waiting for an authority figure to tell you what to do.

It doesn't come easily to everyone. And that's usually not a terrible fault. Humans are adapted for living in peace and stable social bonds, when you have tested leaders committed to doing what is best for their people. But such leaders can only emerge in response to conflict and danger (indeed, that is what we mean by 'tested').

People don't really change the fundamental desires which define them. But they do learn, often with bitter experience as the teacher, how better to pursue their desires...or at least how not to pursue them. There are people who just have evil desires, and learning to avoid less effective ways of pursuing them in favor of more effective ways just makes such a person more effectively evil. There are people who have some good intentions, but have to keep learning the hard lesson that good intentions aren't sufficient to get good results.

Humans have an instinct to avoid admitting they were wrong, especially if too many other people figure it out first. It's a stupid instinct, and learning to overcome it is one of the major tests of personal character, and the defining test of a leader's character. I usually evade admitting I'm wrong by refusing to take an unequivocal stand on anything in the first place, because I've no use for personal character or being a leader. That just means convincing other people to depend on you, which is something I've been trying to avoid pretty much my whole life. Which is just by way of saying we all have our struggles with doing what's right.

I'll wish Pete well with his own, and let him work it out.

Anonymous said...

This is a learning moment and should be treated as such. We all make mistakes but it is what we take away from it that makes us stronger, smarter, wiser. Learn the lessons from this well and it will make us stronger and more resilient against future occurrences.

Anonymous said...

As a felon, Kerdodin is an ideal candidate to be used to sow discord among the patriot movement.

It's not like the FBI and ATF do not have a track record of using criminals for their own nefarious ends.


Paul Bonneau said...

Ah, the name "Peter White" finally rang a bell.

He was thrown off our forum, "Free State Wyoming" a while back for violating forum policy, for (in our view) being a liar and for acting like a provocateur. The forum owner, Boston T. Party (of "Boston's Gun Bible" and "Molon Labe" fame) did the deed.

Both he and I liked Peter when we first met him, but all sorts of weird things started happening, and finally we had to let him go. As with all these cases, there was no proof he was an actual government provocateur, but our policy was that for forum purposes, there is no need for such proof. Act like a provocateur would act (in our eyes), and you are gone.

In order to see the threads dealing with him, you have to join Free State Wyoming. The forum has become a very low traffic one, so you won't find a lot of excitement there.

Anonymous said...

as I watched this play out the one thought that came to mind was if there as a revolution then I should save a few bullets and they should be used to shoot the leadership.

Soffitrat said...

As one who had his own time confronting him, and trying to get people to learn what they were dealing with, I was always amazed at people's denial (and continued support) for this man. Now many, who supported him like the sheep they are, are having to face the truth. It always works out in the end. The funny thing is that many of those were the very one's making fun of others, they referred to as Sheeple. Hopefully, those of the III% movement will learn from this episode. If they do, it will have been worth it all.

gamegetter II said...

A person being a "felon" I can forgive-we all make mistakes,and the powers that be have enacted so many laws and regulations that all of commit three felonies per day,just going about our daily business. (read the book Three Felonies Per day)

When Sam Kerodin-or whatever of his various names you use for him- started the III percent Society for America,a lot of us thought it was a great idea,including many respected trainers-J.C. Dodge of Mason-Dixon Tactical,Max Velocity of Max Velocity Tactical,Tom Randall of Defensive Training Group,Sparks 31-a top notch comms trainer-and several others.
When all those guys resigned at the same time-everyone else should have taken notice,and realized there was a problem.
Then Sam did something that crossed a line for many guys-he put together a group of trainers from all over the country(supposedly)to provide training in multiple areas,with training locations in multiple areas of the country.
I was going to provide some classes for the academy,but decided not to go through with it after J.C. Dodge's post.
Yeah,I should have quit sooner,but I wanted the Three percent society to succeed,
and same with the academy.
At some point,you have to give up on a lost cause.
He chose the name Jedburgh Academy-the guys from the SF community were pissed about him using the name,and claiming people would "have the skills of a commando" when they "left the academy".
I supported the idea,and the goal-with some qualifiers,like weekend/week long classes can not equal military training.
The idea of linking up a bunch of trainers in various parts of the country to provide trainers in various areas was and is a great idea.
A new name would need to be chosen,with no one person being the "leader".

The three percent society is damaged beyond saving,but the III percent is us-it's individual beliefs,it does not require any one leader.
Many people aligned with Sam Kerodin and his ideas-and you've got to admit he had some great ideas-the biggest problem was he wanted to be in charge of everything, be the leader,the "general".

We learn from this,and move on,as my grandpa used to say-"I never lose-I either win,or I learn"