Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Knowing how allergic San Antonio collectivist authoritarians are to open carry, this should be interesting.

"Confederate flag rally organizer: Bring rifles, 'extra magazines just in case' to San Antonio event."
Of course San Antonio is still a self-insured city, so if anybody in authority starts the shooting, the survivors could end up owning the municipality and flying their flag from city hall. Not that it will do the dead much good.


Rivenshield said...

The injunction to bring rifles and spare mags in case today is the day Big Brother decides to recreate the Battle of Lexington should be obvious wisdom.

So should bringing a bunch of baby wipes and a pint of rubbing alcohol and rehearsing -- just as you would rehearse any other self-defense scenario -- what happens when you, your wife, or your child is hit in the face with a used tampon, a balloon full of red paint, or a plastic bottle of urine. Maybe bring a freezer bag full of pig guts and some PlayTex Living Gloves for counterbattery fire, and some surgeon's tubing for extra fun. You throw balloons of p*ss at my kid? You expect to provoke me into a lethal reaction and/or drive me off weeping and swearing, having called my bluff? Hah! Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operation Pig Gutapult! WHEEEE!

Chiu ChunLing said...

I'm not fond of the blurring of the distinction between freedom of speech and the press, and the right to self-defense. The grey area of "freedom of expression" covering acts which would legitimately constitute assault in most normal circumstances does not enrich our public discourse.

If someone deliberately throws potentially infectious or otherwise hazardous materials at me, they should be prepared to die for it, because I don't buy that such acts are covered by freedom of speech or press and I don't believe in "freedom of expression" unless it includes my right to 'express myself' with a bullet through their head in return. It's not an argument, it's not reason, it's not persuasion, it's an assault and I see not the slightest reason not to respond to it as such.

That said, armed Confederate flag rallies skirt dangerously close to the edges of the same grey area as far as I can tell. Banning Confederate flags is stupid and divisive but it is also a Constitutional grey area for me as long as it is localities which do it rather than the Federal government. I can't see Constitutionally how it differs from prohibiting public nudity or similar provocative displays. I feel that protest against such bans is entirely legitimate, but there is no real point pretending that it is Constitutional rather than cultural issue. Let those who will flout what they consider an unjust law be prepared to face arrest or citation, let others who choose to protect them by simultaneously upholding the unambiguously Constitutionally protected right to bear arms do nothing overtly illegal.

Let's not play "armed uprising" with real guns unless we actually mean it. And let's not do that while waving Confederate flags or marching down the middle of the street like in the days of smooth-bore muskets and massed volleys.

Bad Cyborg said...

For the record, none of none of the police officers, sheriff's deputies or deputy constables with which I have spoken have expressed any heartburn about open carry here in the Alamo City. Of course they all consider my idea to carry my CHL clipped to my belt - and visible - on the opposite side from my sidearm to be a good idea. Even though - technically - they cannot initiate a Terry stop solely because someone is engaging in an activity requiring a license, most cops with any experience are entirely proficient at hokeying up a "justification" for a Terry stop whenever they feel like it. Of course nothing prevents the person being stopped from requesting (very, Very, VERY FEKKING VERY respectfully) that the LEO performing the stop kindly articulate the objective reason for the stop. Recording the exchange would be helpful. Couldn't hurt should things come to a head and you end up in court.