Friday, November 6, 2015

"How law enforcement officers can kill someone and avoid prosecution."

At the last minute, however, a judge dismissed the case against the white detective, Charles Kleinert, ruling that he was acting as a member of a federal task force in 2013 when he shot Jackson, an unarmed black man. As a federal agent at the time, the judge ruled, Kleinert is shielded from state prosecution. The ruling stunned Jackson’s family, whose attorney called it a “great civil rights injustice,” and dismayed the local prosecutor, who has vowed to appeal. Meanwhile, the case is shining a spotlight on a legal tactic rarely used in criminal cases, one that raises the question of when, if ever, a federal law enforcement officer can be charged with a crime for killing someone in the line of duty.


Anonymous said...

This is an article that every idiot, who's following Al Sharpton's call to make all police forces come under a federal umbrella, should read..Oops, forgot; most of them can't read - nevermind..

Anonymous said...

Brings to mind the case of Idaho vs. Lon Horiuchi in the case of the untimely death of one Vicki Weaver.

Bad Cyborg said...

"“What’s missing here is that we need the Department of Justice to bring federal charges” when a federal agent kills someone."

Oh, yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen.

brassbryan said...

inevitably, the acts of the empire being turned inward will have acts like this someday reaching critical mass. the term 'blowback' will be redefined

Informed42 said...

What we really need, but don't have, is a Department of Justice that really dispenses justice regardless of whether the individuals are Feds, average citizens or LEO's.

Pass legislation and hold all the Fed alphabet agency personnel personally liable for their actions, and make them liable for compensatory and punitive damages, and
you'd see a whole different attitude from them all.

Start with defunding the ATF and toss out all of their cases against law abiding gun owners that are indicted for 'technical errors' or plain mistakes just to make case numbers to justify agent's jobs. They aren't going to go after any of the real criminals as long as they can go after law abiding gun owners !! They're chicken shit, so they'll take the safe course, just like they've been doing since 1972.