Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"George Patton" gives us a Kerodin update: "What is Sam Up To?" The answer, I am informed by another source, is that now he's masquerading as "The Fox," the puppet master of "The Death Merchant."

This link was sent as a comment to the Jeb Bush post: "Along the way, he heard folks talking about the III Percent movement as being the 'armed' wing of the Tea Party movement. He found Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and acted like a fan and supporter. Once he learned the language and folks learned a little about him, he made the big split and went off on his own ventures. We’ve talked about the dozens of ventures he started. While many of them helped fund his lifestyle (and not that fancy a life style, by all accounts), the goal was to get as many folks in the III movement to associate the III brand with the Kerodin brand. Instead of having to attract someone with a general belief in the III movement, he made 'boutique' sub-groups to attract as many folks as he could. . ."
"Perhaps a new batch of followers who aren’t familiar with his past will get him the power and respect that he believes he so rightly deserves. It’s up to those of us who have figured him out to make sure that potential new followers learn the truth before they get hurt, after that the decision is up to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another name change in the near future."
George Patton is amazingly prescient. From what I hear from other sources Kerodin's already made the switch to "Courtland Grojean." For those of you unfamiliar with the old Joseph Rupert Rosenberger b-novel series, The Death Merchant, the protagonist was one Richard Joseph Camellion. Wikipedia describes him thusly:
The Death Merchant is the title and lead character of a series of men's action-adventure books written by Joseph Rupert Rosenberger and published by Pinnacle Books from 1971 to 1988. Richard Joseph Camellion, as described in the books, is a master of disguise, the martial arts and wet-work. Cynical and lethal in equal measure, his normal employer was the CIA - at a cost of $100,000 tax-free bucks a mission.
He is described on the back of the books as "Richard Camellion, master of death, destruction, and disguise. He gets the dirty jobs, the impossible missions, the operations that cannot be handled by the FBI, CIA, or any other legal or extra-legal force. He is a man without a face, without a single identifying characteristic...except that he succeeds by being a Merchant of Death!"
Of course, every deadly secret agent needs an omnipotent and omniscient handler and Camellion's CIA contact and overseer is named Courtland Grojean, nicknamed "The Fox."
Melodramatic stuff and just the sort of nom d'merde that convicted con man Kerodin would like to imagine that he sees in the mirror when he gets up every morning. I am told that the "citizen journalist Courtland Grojean" in the link above and Christian Hyman, aka "Christian Kerodin," aka "Sam Kerodin" are one and the same. Although, as one correspondent told me, "Sam's more likely to be the handled than the handler. If anything, he's the puppet not the puppetmaster. He just likes to pretend he's in control." Delusions of grandeur indeed. And pretending that he's a "citizen journalist" in the bargain. What a pathetic maroon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kerodin may be "The Fox", alright. But he's more correctly, "The Faux". There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

George notes that he expects Kerodin (not his real name) to do another name change soon. I say we have a naming contest here. The guy, (or Gal), who wins gets to choose from an assortment of prizes. They could become a Jedburgh Ninja assassination expert (no experience necessary or desirable), have a seat on the ever lonelier III Congress, (whatever the hell that is), your very own sevents quarters in the fictional D&D fairy castle set in the American Redoubt, or get the chance to get your very own FFL so you can slave away making weapons for a felon.

I think it would be easier for the contestants to see what Kerodin has already used for aliases. If someone could aggregate that, that would be swell.

Chiu ChunLing said...

There's a certain kind of people who become obsessed with gaining leadership positions and authoritative credentials for the very simple reason that no sane person would ever willingly follow them or believe anything they had to say on their own merits.

Anonymous said...

What IS Sam up to? And who ELSE does he associate with? Is there a purpose in using what now appears to be a brain damaged man?

Live and learn!

A Journal Sentinel investigation uncovered deep flaws and a profound lack of government oversight in undercover ATF stings across the country, including in Milwaukee.


Four ATF special agents responsible for the agency's botched undercover storefront sting in Milwaukee have been disciplined, but received the lightest punishment handed out by the agency.

The investigation found agents used a brain-damaged man with a low IQ to promote the operation and then arrested him; allowed armed felons to leave the store; arrested four of the wrong people; paid such high prices for guns that people bought guns from stores and sold them to agents for a profit; and failed to secure the store, resulting in the operation being burglarized.

Special Agent Michael Aalto, the lead undercover agent, had his guns stolen, including a machine gun, which has not been recovered.

After the investigation was published, Special Agent Jacqueline Sutton, who was in charge of Operation Fearless, was moved from the Milwaukee office to Washington, D.C. It was not clear if that was a punishment.

The ATF told congressional staffers the problems were isolated to the Milwaukee operation and said storefront stings had been used effectively across the country.

A subsequent Journal Sentinel investigation found similar problems in storefronts from Portland, Ore., to Pensacola, Fla.

"The notion that you would use mentally unstable people, you would tattoo them, that you would do ridiculous things like that, it's absurd and people will be held accountable," Holder told a House committee.


oughtsix said...

Congratulations, Mike, on a long overdue vindication which no one in their right mind can possibly deny any longer.

You knew, and called it from the very beginning, what sort Kerodin is. I am glad that I can say that I saw it too, right from the very first, and said so then.

Those who overlooked K's craven braying calling for your suffering and hasty death from your illness should have known better. Anyone who could say such things is devoid of common decency, let alone any sort of honor or character. Never mind the obvious attempts to purloin and desecrate the whole concept of the III Percent, of which you are clearly the Founding Father.

And congratulations to J C Dodge for seeing the light, and through eye witness accounts and expert internet investigation has laid it as bare as it needs to be
for any honest observer to conclude the obvious: that K is a liar, a charlatan and a fool.