Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Decrying the perfectly predictable and inevitable.

"Religious polarization on the way: We're losing the bridge of ambivalent Americans between strident secularists and strong Christians."


TimeHasCome said...

When visiting London, Americans should visit Hyde Park . Where anyone can bring a soap box or stepladder and stand up and speak on any subject . Would this be tolerated in the new America ? Not a chance, the far left is more in line with Fascism than Socialism .

Anonymous said...

As you yourself have said, Mike, We are (becoming) as two people occupying one country.

B Woodman

Pat H. said...

Yes, this is one of the causes.


Bad Cyborg said...

Not sure that's still so. The Brits have - willingly, or so it would appear - abandoned any/all pretense of "freedom of speech". "Narc your neighbor for thought crime" is the new norm over there.

Polarization is a tool for preventing political unity. The Creator used a similar tactic when he confused the languages at the tower of Babel. Likewise, the Assyrian Empire did something similar. When they conquered a new territory they would deport approx. 3/4ths of the population and replace them with groups from all over the empire with different languages, cultures, religions etc. Often the importees were hereditary enemies. Made for a difficult time ginning up a revolt. Especially with the penalties the Assyrians exacted for rebellion. Brrrr. Really, REALLY, FEKKING REALLY awful penalties!

MissAnthropy said...

I identify with this trend myself. For most of my 20s I was essentially an agnostic, but that sort of ambivalent nihilism failed repeatedly at assuaging the "God shaped hole," as they say, and I began moving back toward the Christian faith.

Now in my late 30s I have been able to experience the Obama presidency, a time in which the American Left has let its mask slip more than at any other time in my life. Lots of things have been shown to be mere canards, i.e. "tolerance." "Tolerance" has rapidly morphed into "acceptance" which has rapidly morphed into "applause" which seems to be on the way to becoming "mandatory celebration." If you don't think so, ask people whose businesses have been ruined for not genuflecting sufficiently.

I've seen these glimpses of the existence the militant secularists of the Left seek to impose, and I recoil at them. I have come to understand secularism not as the absence of theology so much as a newfound worship of the State. I want no part in it. It has helped me understand which of the two I belong to, so I guess in that sense I thank them for it.