Sunday, March 8, 2015

Workman's back-handed slap at Liberty for All.

‘Astroturf’ versus real grassroots in Evergreen State.


FedUp said...

Am I missing something here?
How does patting SAF, NRA and GOAL on the back while slapping EveryClown in the face strike a backhanded slap at LfA?

Roger said...

Workman delights in the little niche he has created for himself. He could have just as easily written this piece to reflect the gains both groups made toward gun rights and liberty, rather than poo-pooing one over the other.

What everyone needs to realize is that regardless the little victories we make, the anti's will keep coming back with more and more onerous legislation. More and more unconstitutional court rulings. More and more demands to relinquish our rights.

The only way this scenario changes is if we make it abundantly clear to the anti's that we will not comply.

Anonymous said...

It is a profound mistake to accept false premise. And there is a duesy in this piece. The author sets the stage by falsely proclaiming "the second amendment debate". While couched cleverly, going mostly unnoticed by the vast majority, the falsehood is actually quite obvious to all with open eyes.

The Second Amendment is the PRODUCT of the debate. It is the OUTCOME when everything, every argument, every feeling, every Whiney complaint and every factual point has ALREADY been put on the table.

The debate PRODUCED the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment does not create debate. Indeed, the Second Amendment, adopted, voted on and ratified is the PERIOD at the END of the debate. It IS the DECISION.

There isn't a debate now, there is only a refusal to accept the outcome of the debate by those who cry foul because "their side" LOST the debate.

What Anthony, Mike and the rest of us are doing is standing on the TRUE PREMISE! We win the debate long ago, rather our forefathers did, and we are just DEFENDING that actuality - in the face of those who rely on false premise to give their argument "credibility".

Anonymous said...

There are those who are involved and support fighting for our rights on all levels, in the legislature, at the capitol, at the courthouses, and in the streets and then there are those like Workman & Gottlieb who only supports our issue when they can make a buck out of it!