Sunday, March 8, 2015

Some are more equal than others.

OPRF parents upset 'Black Lives Matter' assembly excludes other races
See also: Boston High School Dean, Reverend and Anti-Gun Activist, Arrested For Dealing Drugs and Shooting Student Dealer In Head “Execution Style”….


PO'd American said...

Affinity groups and cultural diversity are all catch phrases used today by "soft-headed liberals pretending to be PC." Sounds a lot like the other joke phrase making the rounds of trendy and insignificant buzzwords... "Social Engineering."

In the context of this highly "enlightened school"'s ground hog day all over again. Racist is as racist does.

Tom said...

Please know all the false flags, all the Operation Stingray intercepts, all the infiltrators, are coming en masse now.
It's no longer a matter of resistance. They have you, me, is already pigeon holed as potential threats and liabilities.

We're not the only ones taking notes. Going back to the Bundy Ranch saga, which scared the shit out of them.

Lest we forget.