Sunday, March 8, 2015

"The Injustice the DOJ Uncovered in Ferguson Wasn’t Racism" -- It was Predatory Government.

But what the material in the report reveals is less a culture of racial animus than one of predatory government: “Ferguson’s law enforcement practices,” states the report, “are shaped by the City’s focus on revenue rather than by public safety needs.” In the interest of expanding its treasury, Ferguson has employed its police department — 58 officers, policing a town of 21,000 — as an enforcer of the myriad municipal regulations that, rigorously enforced, nickel-and-dime the citizenry to the local government’s benefit.
The other day, racing around trying to get ready to fly out to Spokane (you all know how THAT turned out), I was stopped at a stop light in Leeds, AL. There was a gas station parking lot conveniently to my right so I cut through it. Stupid. Leeds' finest were waiting to give me a $185.00 ticket for evading their traffic signal. Stupid. I know about Leeds and how it feeds. Lord alone knows how I'm going to pay the fine and I have no one to blame but myself -- myself and the predatory tax feeders who obey the politicians' demands for more and more revenue. PS, the cop was white and I wasn't black, so I'm fairly certain no racial animus was involved. Just predatory government . . . Again. . . Forever.


Anonymous said...

Cops becoming revenuers was one of the two things that led to the dishonoring of their profession and the loss of the public's trust. The other was them trying to be soldiers instead of cops.

Anonymous said...

I remember days gone by when home made signs warning of a SPEED TRAP AHEAD were common. Might be time to get back into the sign business.

Anonymous said...

Holder, OBAMA to, implement the race card alongside this salient point IN ORDER TO get people to dismiss it! Both know full well it isn't racial - it IS gubmint sending out "police" to generate revenue streams (that of course can then be leveraged). The only "safety" is insuring the borrowing can continue.

By making that admission as part of the ferguson debacle, the instant a person points to that "study", most refise up give it credibility because of all the lies told all along about what went on there.

Make no mistake - this same "report" can be drawn up about every department in every place (can you say pot arrests justifying drug war budgets?).

Take your example - if SAFETY was paramount, rather than dinero, then ZONING POWER would be employed to make the driving example you listed IMPOSSIBLE. But instead. That zoning power was used to create a trap - a real money maker. It's just like speeding - if it was about safety (cmon now we don't want-can't have 120mph drag races in school roads at 755 in the morning) then there wouldn't be fines....they would just take license away entirely.

I've said all along that those feral fools down there have a point - and that the playing of the race card would be employed to bury that point - and that's exactly what's happening. It's sad that inner city blacks are so easily fooled and manipulated. Why, they are almost as gullible as the fudds, when it comes to guns and ammunition....almost.

Anonymous said...

Mike, always stop in the gas station next to the pumps for a second, as if checking the price-per-gallon, and then drive through. Now you can say "I didn't like his prices", or "shit, i forgot my cash". Anything. Point is: I stopped, I looked, I didn't want to buy it, fuck you, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

CowboyDan said...

Anon 0524, I was taught to at least put my foot down in the lot. I think a cop's kid wised me up to that.

Same principle, slightly different execution. Of course, if they want to stop you, they will, and if you piss them off badly enough, they will still have their way with you.

This is not the company our prents and teachers said it was going to be.