Sunday, March 8, 2015

SAF dismisses amnesty as a gun owner concern with NRA director endorsement

I think Gottlieb is going to regret purging David Codrea from JPFO.
Again, sellout birds of a feather flock together. A further example, if one were needed, of the interlocking directorships of the so-called "conservatives" good old boy network. They protect each others' rice bowls.
“My good friend Grover Norquist who is also on the NRA Board and up for reelection this year had an excellent interview with Newsmax that I want to call your attention to,” Gottlieb announced, directing readers to an interview on concealed carry decreasing crime. “He got my vote for the NRA Board and if you haven’t cast your vote yet I highly recommend that you also vote for him. A strong NRA helps us all.”


Anonymous said...

NRA-National Republican Association
We kow how they have fought so bravely and with vigor for U.S., hahaha
We need them like we need another hole in the head!

Brian Morton said...

Huh. And George Soros remembers when he was enriched with the personal possessions of the holocaust Jews, and is openly proud of it. I wonder if he and AG are family somehow. Sorry, just thinking (typing) out loud.

Anonymous said...

Epic smack down of the Open Borders GOP Traitors aka the Treason Lobby!

HappyClinger said...

Grover Norquist - also connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Please everyone watch Frank Gaffney's 10-part series on Islam at his website, Center for Security Policy. You will learn more than you wanted to know about Grover Norquist. (As well as Islam.)

Steve Ramsey said...

And I note David is absent from the guest list for Armed American Radio tonight.

While Gottlieb and Norquist make their pitch.

Robert Fowler said...

Gottlieb is a snake oil salesman of the worst kind. His inaction caused I-594 to be passed in Washington and if it was up to him, in all of the states. He needs gun control. He has raised millions of dollars to "fight" gun control. If all of the gun laws were declared un-Constitutional tomorrow, he would be out of a job. Where would he be able to get his money? Almost the same thing for Wayne and the NRA, except they do have marksmanship and safety programs to roll in some cash. Gun control is a big business and if they need to support amnesty behind the scenes, well, they will. More anti-gun votes insures their income for years to come.

I think there is a hole in Workman's back where Gottlieb sticks his hand to make Workman's mouth move.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how much money has been exchanged between Norquist & Gottlieb?

That is all either of them are really about!

Steve Ramsey said...

So, after several weeks of appearances by Both Alan Gottleib and David Codrea on Armed American Radio, Codrea suddenly drops from the guest list, but Gottleib, with his new BFF Grover Norquist get the air time.

Hardline neocon Grover Norquist is pro illegal alien amnesty, which is little more than an effort to create votes for democrats, and is very harmful to gun rights.

Norquist is also tight with the Muslim brotherhood.

Get to know Alan Gottlieb via the company he keeps, and understand he is not a gun rights ideologue, but a political animal.

Now his tentacles seem to reach Armed American Radio....time will tell.

In the meantime. Gottlieb has taken up with an guy that runs an Islamic extremist front group attempting to infiltrate conservative political circles. Now he's obviously turned a republican political activists and supposed gun rights icon (a Jewish one at that) in Gottleib, and supports him in a bid for a seat on the NRA board of directors, where he can influence the gun rights fight in the United States.

It should be noted that the American Conservative Union dismisses Gaffney's views.

But guess who has a seat on the ACU board of directors?

Alan Merril Gottleib.

And Grover Norquist.

So one can easily conclude that those who favor Amnesty and wish to appease and pal around with radical Islam have now infected the core of American conservatism. And it shows, right now in the halls of congress, where with majorities in the house and Senate, Obama, Pelosi, and reed have little trouble getting anything they want, or stopping any genuine conservative legislation.

And Alan Gottlieib is swirling in center of this traitorous vortex.

And he has near TOTAL control over all pro gun activism in Washington state.

David Codrea said...

Who said I'm not on the list?

I quoted Mark:
Alan Gottlieb, Grover Norquist, Neil McCabe, Scott Wilson of CCDL, you, and George Hill

The "you" is me.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to discover Norquist's other roles, besides collector and enforcer of "no more new taxes" pledges.

Looks like he is another 1%er hiding behind a supposed conservative cause, while advocating that the rest of the populace lose their rights.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I'm not seeing anyone mention the NewsMax contribution to the Clintons of a million smackers.

As the real controllers close ranks protecting each other's backsides, the circle jerk is more exposed by the minute.

The question becomes, then, how tight must the circle get before the FUDDS stop denying truth about the gun advocacy "leadership", and Tea Partiers realize we are TAXED TOO MUCH AND TOO MANY TIMES ALREADY, and defenders of the government form admit that "Republicans" do no Such THING, and that Democrats are traitors by namesake (it ain't about gayness, illegals and free stuff you dolts, it's about form of government!!).

If the people don't wise up, get right with fundamenral truth and accept responsibility then the circle will get tighter and tighter until it reaches the corkscrew endgame- the sole tyrant, at the center.

Me thinks we are a lot closer to that core, rotten as it is, than most can bring themselves to admit. And once it's reached - exposed openly- there's no longer a reason to hide so heavy handed action begins in earnest.... At which time Freemen defend. It's close and almost unavoidable at this point.

Carlos Perdue said...

Please respect other cultures. The correct Arabic spelling is Grover al Nor'Qu'ist.