Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let's cover this one more time: Better the devil you know than the other worse devil you also know.

More Sensenbrenner nonsense: "Republican proposes abolishing the ATF amid bullet ban controversy." And since there is no way that leviathan is going to allow the federal gun laws to be repealed in the short run through political means, who then does he propose to enforce them? The new Gestapo of DHS? The old Gestapo of the FBI. Again, if John Dodson had worked for the FBI and not ATF, his dessicated corpse would have been found a few years from now out in the Arizona desert and we never would have heard of the Fast and Furious scandal. The FBI protects its undeserved bureaucratic and media "good reputation." Indeed, if the ATF didn't exist, the FBI would have to invent it. The ATF is used by the FBI to BE the punching bag: "See, they say, we're not as bad as THEM," when meanwhile they go about their greater, better-covered-up evils. Even so, in the short run, I'll take the devil I know rather than the worse devil I also know only too well.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget two instances where the FBI cleaned up the mess BATFe started. Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Anonymous said...

The NRA is used by the left as a punching bag......

Here is another false premise - this one couched openly also. It mattres not if it's BATFE or DHS or FBI (FBI and BATFE are actually part of DHS, but anyway) they are ALL tools that the EXECUTIVE is directly responsible for.

Too many accept this bovine excrement that these agencies, departments and bureaus are "independent" - they aren't! They are simply a presidents CABINET and each president forms his cabinet and MUST THEN BE responsible for it. Hint - when a candidate claims they want to "reform" GOVERNMENT, he is REALLY talking about RE forming the same damn cabinet the last president RE formed.... See the semantics???)

Notice too the age old Bovine excrement of lesser of two evils. ENOUGH of this CON JOB of baiting people into voting for evil as if they have no other just - that they can only vote for evils degree, rather than for good. Stop being fooled'!!! Stop conceding to false premise! Challenge it openly and honestly - no matter WHO writes it and says it!!