Monday, March 9, 2015

This Motion Sensor Could Detect Russian Soldiers as They’re Invading a Country

The devices – built by Defendec, a small Estonian tech firm with only 30 employees – look similar to home security system motion detectors. But these sensors are far more sophisticated, so much so, that the company didn’t allow Defense One to photograph the equipment during the recent International Defence Exhibition and Conference, or IDEX, in Abu Dhabi last week. When linked together, the equipment, which is camouflaged to blend into the wilderness, can provide situational awareness over hundreds or even thousands of miles of an unguarded border.


Anonymous said...

The Estonians have had a lot of experience with the big, bad bear to their east and south, none of it positive.

During their war for independence, they fought the reds to a standstill, then helped the Lithuanians and Latvians free their own countries.

During Soviet years, reds moved a lot of Russian-speakers into all three Baltic nations, to reduce the influence of nationalism.

Russians have a convenient pretext to bother the Baltic Republics, when Putin states he will "protect" Russian speakers, wherever they might be.

Such a system would be very useful to small countries, particularly NATO members like Estonia, which has recently experienced provocations.

FSHB said...

I can think of a border closer to how where such a system would actually be useful every day. Too bad that's against the official agenda.