Monday, March 9, 2015

U.S. Marshal's Service: Risking Civil War From A Failure of Institutional Memory. Bundy Ranch -- only with bullets this time.

Institutional memory is a collective set of facts, concepts, experiences and know-how held by a group of people. As it transcends the individual, it requires the ongoing transmission of these memories between members of this group. Elements of institutional memory may be found in corporations, professional groups, government bodies, religious groups, academic collaborations, and by extension in entire cultures. Institutional memory may be encouraged to preserve an ideology or way of work in such a group. Conversely, institutional memory may be ingrained to the point that it becomes hard to challenge if something is found to contradict that which was previously thought to have been correct. Institutional memory may have influence on organizational identity, choice of individuals, and actions of the individuals interacting with the institution. -- Wikipedia.
I was talking over the current situation in Washington state with a friend yesterday, specifically this gem of a comment found at the SPLC website:
My friend at the USMS tells me that they have clear pictures of every swingin' Richard that entered the plaza carrying a weapon, and that arrests pursuant to 18 U.S.C ss 900 will be made in the near future on an individual basis to protect the public and the arresting officers. Sounds like a sensible plan to me.
My comment at the time was "Of course, the One Hundred Heads Life and Casualty Company has a group policy on all members of Liberty for All. So I guess anytime the United States Marshal's Service feels froggy. . ."
The problem, we agreed, is that those of us who were in the liberty movement in the 90s have, collectively, a much longer and thus better institutional memory than the United States Marshal's Service. As the citation above makes plain, institutional memory can save, or destroy, an organization. The problem is that most USMS (and FBI, and ATF, and, most especially DHS) employees date their own memories (and their agencies' institutional memories) from 11 September 2001. Subsequent to that, most of them probably got a little experience in Iraq and Afghanistan with the beating up on the Hadjis and then came home to apply the same techniques in the by now long-militarized federal law enforcement. (Note the tricks related by Anthony Bosworth after his "rendition" in this radio interview.)
Oh, the Marshals may vaguely remember their agency's sanitized version of the death of US Marshal Degan at the beginning of the Weaver Siege, but they have no memory of the rise of the militia movement and the cold war we waged with the their masters the Clintonistas for the rest of the decade. The reinvigoration of that movement, the voluntary arming of a much greater number of citizens responding to Obama administration depredations, the rise of the We Will Not Comply movement and the implications that has -- all these things are not viewed in the context that knowledge of the 90s provides, if they are considered at all.
Oh, the response of the armed citizenry at Bundy Ranch got their attention briefly. But no one fired at Bundy Ranch. The feds wisely backed down. However, what is threatened in the above comment at the SPLC, if we take him at his word that this reflects USMS intentions, will initiate another Bundy Ranch -- only with bullets this time. That is not a threat. It is a dispassionate observation based upon a study of history and our own institutional memory, which includes a much more perfect understanding of the federal militarized police establishment than they have of us. (You must also credit the disinformation of the SPLC as a contributing factor in that as well, for the FedGov parrots their line at the highest levels.)
My fervent wish is that some adults in the room at the middle-management levels of the USMS recall now from the dim recesses of their memories and inform both their superiors and their subordinates that they may be working from defective institutional memory and thus taking decisions based upon false assumptions. For a raid (or raids) on Anthony Bosworth and the other activists of Liberty for All, based upon a federal judge's chapped ass caused by the defiance of her edict which is, at best, dubious in law, could certainly touch off a much greater response on the part of an outraged armed citizenry than anyone now receiving a federal paycheck would expect -- and not just in Washington state. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see that, just an operational and accurate institutional memory.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I want to comment on the bravery of Mr. Bosworth and his entire family. He's what a true American is made of and I salute him. Secondly, and i'm writing this knowing full well that the Gov't minions come here and read these posts in some feeble attempt at intelligence gathering,so I want to comment on the modern Gov't employee of all stripes. Naturally there will be the occasional exception here and there and I apologize to any of you beforehand. So here's my comment: There is a reason you decided on taking job for the gov't. You didn't have the brains, the inventiveness or the courage to step out on your own in the private sector. You have a basic "thug" mentality, and before our now Soviet-style of governing took hold you would have been relegated to working for the mafia or killed early on in a life of street crime. Ever since the Renaissance societies, and especially the American Republic, have depended on rugged individualism. THAT is a quality that all great civilizations depend on to achieve greatness, and you don't have it. You only work to stifle it in other great individuals that do have it. Face the facts; you are a low I.Q. brute who can only do what some higher-up pencil neck thug tells you to do because he/she is even more of a coward than you. You've probably never read even one meaningful document of history; like the Magna Carta and the events leading up to it's creation or the Declaration of Independence. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of histories great men and woman who, despite all adversity, stand in the face of tyranny at all costs and are remembered for centuries afterwards? I think not. Your only lifetime achievements will be the ability to memorize baseball stats and know what celebrity is getting divorced. You are no more than a hired gun for criminals who are stealing even more than you. YOU are what holds civilizations back from greatness and destroys the ones that were once great. So look in the mirror and ask yourselves if that's what you really want to be remembered for. Everyone has the ability to change things for the better; to change themselves and the world around them. This includes you. There's still time for you to do an "about-face" and help bring civilization into the next Renaissance instead of working for those who would drag it down into the next "Dark Ages"..

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post!! Hello State and Govt Spies..
May i add My Observation...
Most of the "Door Kickers" or my favorite, "Operators", doing there "TOUR"hahahaha good god!!, for the State and Federal Gestapo are more likely than not to be, MIL SOF wannabe's that Failed, Never Tried but played alot of video games, Were..but washed out after there first Psych Debrief-Eval or are bonafide Sociopath's that slipped thru the systems checks and balances.
And to those that are none of the above....
As is evident in your actions...
"The American Constitution", isn't you(RS)
Your Actions, Create More Action.


Anonymous said...

Dear "OODA Loop"-

Please change your handle, I've been using it since 1999 and don't want to be confused with you.

V/r OODA Loop

Backwoods Engineer said...

To the federals who are here reading comments:

Please, I beg you; for the sake of the continued peace in our Republic, please don't arrest the activists of Liberty for All, or the other We Will Not Comply movement activists.

If you do, my reading of history is that:
1) based on cycles, we are due very shortly for a nasty civil war;
2) the cycles of history sometimes come early;
3) you may well be responsible for touching off a bloody civil war, much earlier than it would have happened, with the resulting deaths of millions more;
4) all because of the hurt feelings of a hoplophobic federal judge?

Come on. I know there have got to be adults in your three-letter organizations. People who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. Those who know history. Please talk to them.

For our children's sake, don't do this. We know from history that it will turn out badly.

Anonymous said...

I was reading a book the other day on how an underground movement made it their business to know where those who worked for tyranny would sleep at night and with who, some knifes have double edges.

Pat H. said...

USC, Title 18, ss 900 does not exist. One may look that up at:

Anonymous said...

There will be no civil war.
Short term disturbance started by neo- confederates here, maybe.
We/You are all traceable, '100 heads' BS not withstanding.

Stick to demonstrations with your props.

Steady Steve said...

Just a little SPLC disinfo to see if the Liberty Movement has the cojones for a fight. Not only do we but heads will be harvested in every state if the feds try this crap. They can keep the lapdog press quiet about individual arrests, but would have to shut down the internet nationwide to keep it secret from us. Sorry to say, but I don't think there are any adults left in the upper echelons of .gov. I believe the only way we can effect real change and roll back tyranny is to kill off some of these SOB's. Our targets are known and prioritized where I live. And to the feds. If you break into my home again staging one of your fake "robberies" you STILL won't find what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

"There will be no civil war.
Short term disturbance started by neo- confederates here, maybe.
We/You are all traceable, '100 heads' BS not withstanding.

Stick to demonstrations with your props."

Then why the hesitation of arrest and enforcement of the law? Little kids died at Sandy Hook after all. Or do you / we not care enough for the slain kids to arrest the evil 2nd amendment supporters?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pat H., I'm pretty sure the mouthpiece for the SPLC meant 18-USC-930 instead of 18-USC-900 as you are quite correct that 18-USC-900 no longer exists.

But, even then, 18-930(d)(3) clearly allows open and conceal carry in federal facilities for lawful self-defense under "other lawful purposes". I look forward to seeing what the feds do next.

JJ Swiontek
Denver, CO

Anonymous said...

As usual your comments are spot on.

Ed said...

What's next? Prohibition of 1st Amendment rights in Federal facilities?

Anonymous said...

White noise never plays/pays out.

A third element is in play here, most can't grasp, yet.

Anonymous said...

So apparently according to 18-USC-930(d)(3), you can have a firearm on your person as long as you claim you are hunting or engaged in another lawful purporse? Wow, now there is a section of a law that is not enforced. Guranteed any of us openly cary into a federal building, we will still be put in cuffs if we try to say we are allowed to under 18-USC-930 (d) (3). Is this section of the law nullfied by some other law?

Anonymous said...

Scanning down in that same section I saw:
"(f) Nothing in this section limits the power of a court of the United States to punish for contempt or to promulgate rules or orders regulating, restricting, or prohibiting the possession of weapons within any building housing such court or any of its proceedings, or upon any grounds appurtenant to such building."

I'm no lawyer but that seems problematic to me.

But I also believe that just because it's the law doesn't mean it's Constitutional.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Because there are certainly hundreds, if not thousands of unconstitutional laws on our books in this country. However, in order to challenge a specific statute, one is said to need "standing" or somehow be damaged or affected by the law. How nice it would be if we could have laws pass constitutional muster while they are being proposed to save a lot of time and effort. As we know that is not how this government functions, if that is what you call it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon :)

10-USC-930(e) deals with Federal court facilities. Note that Subsection (e) states that subsection (d)(1) & (d)(2) apply but (d)(3) is not mentioned. So while (d)(3) applies to Federal facilities, it does not apply to Federal court facilities. And the definition of those locations is in Subsection (g).

So, you can be legally armed in any federal facility except those listed in 18-USC-930(g)(3).

JJ Swiontek
Denver, CO