Monday, March 9, 2015

Back Door For “Real” ID

"You may have noticed the last time you went to the DMV – under duress, as always – to get your permission-to-drive-your-car renewed. Remember how you used to be able to smile? And how they now insist you pose unsmiling? How carefully they snap your pic? Using that new equipment? Yup. . . You’re on much more than Candid Camera now. . . Your digitized picture has been entered into the “real” ID database. "
Meanwhile, in Sarah Brady paradise: "Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said police forces needed more crime scene footage to match against their 12million images of suspects and offenders. And he called on families and businesses to install cameras at eye level – to exploit advances in facial recognition technology."


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that your DL photo and identifying information are being stored in a homeland security database. Nobody could possibly argue that is not the state of things.

Anonymous said...

Add police body cameras linked to their squad car laptops, and they will "ID" you whether you consent to or not. Unless you have no state issued ID, like illegals here lack.

GaryM said...

Missouri's drivers licenses don't meet the Real ID standard, yet.

Would it surprise anyone to find cameras tracking travel on interstate hiways? They say they're traffic/red light cameras, but who knows for sure.

Anonymous said...

AZ drivers license does not meet the Feds Real ID standard. DHS will soon require an ID that meets the Real ID standard to fly from a US airport, in-country or outside. Therefore, the AZ legislature is empowering the AZ DMV to issue Real ID compliant drivers licenses to those AZ drivers who request one. If you want to fly on an airplane you will need a Real ID compliant ID.

Anonymous said...

We never had to bring pieces of mail, utility bills, etc. to renew a drivers license. Failure to comply results in the issuance of a 2-year "driver privilege card", instead of a 4-year drivers license.

Our state's requirements are listed here

You used to just bring your old license and the appropriate fee. The non-photo licenses that could be obtained by adult drivers have disappeared.

For being "compliant", you get the same little gold star found on military IDs, and other such stuff. It is, or will be, required to board an airplane, for example.

Cameras are being installed in surprising areas, in states that border foreign countries. Sorry for the long post.

KBCraig said...

Meanwhile in New Hampshire, the legislature has just rejected a proposal to make the DL compliant with Real-ID.

This was the third time they’ve done that, the previous two occuring in previous sessions, with one bill specifically outlawing compliance with Real-ID.

NH doesn’t keep your photo or SSN on file unless you request it, and you don’t have to have your street address on the card.

Anonymous said...

In 2010, I'd grown my hair and beard out. My Driver license had expired, and I went in to renew. The lady said to stand in front of the blue screen. She hit the flash, and said to step back to the counter. Before I could, she said wait and step back to the screen and this time look down at the lens a little. She hit the flash again, and said, "OK, it says it's you" step back to the counter please. This was in Texas.

Anonymous said...

I actually support ONE ID.
Citizen - check
Birthday - check
Address - check
Picture - check

That's it. It's proof to work, travel, speak, remain silent, assemble, face accusers in court during trial by jury, carry guns openly or concealed, contract privately or publicly to buy sell trade or otherwise procure or share property, hunt, fish, VOTE....well you get the idea).

I can see modern day LEO having a legit need to DISCRIMINATE between both Citizens and non-Citizens and Citizens in good standing and Criminals. They want one uniform ID? Good! ONE!!! No more! No other "licenses" not for businesses or fishing or driving or even taxation and distribution.

I see it this way - government is instituted among men to secure the blessings of Liberty. I portend the authority exists within government to STOP this never ending nonsense of fifty thousand different permission slips when ONE stand alone ID demonstrating CITIZENSHIP is plenty of information to PROVE that all those other activities are just due exercise of RIGHTS.


Those crafting the framing document SIGNED it. Basically, one stand alone ID is akin to that signature. And think of it this way - with only ONE ID, it's only one database WE have to track as it pertains to how gubmint uses it.

Anonymous said...

If you're making a list of things that require or will require Real-ID, don't include voting.

That wouldn't be fair to people who happen to be ethnically or economically challenged or happen to be in the group now known as "future Americans."

Anonymous said...

In Florida there is no legal alternative to providing the required documentation for a drivers license; passport, voters card, utility bills, or property tax records.

On the other hand, various sources estimate the number of unlicensed (and probably uninsured as well) drivers at 10% for the state and as high as 25% for the greater Miami area.

Guess where the bulk of Florida's "future Americans" live.