Saturday, February 14, 2015

SPLC, Lies, and "Lone Wolves."

Note that Potok doesn't mention that the Millers were LVPD police snitches, or that they might have been snitches back in Indiana.
Although the most recent shooting in Chapel Hill has yet to be ruled a hate crime - police believe it was caused by a parking dispute - Potok said he believes the country will only continue to see similar violence. 'It is very likely to get worse before it gets better.'
And, OF COURSE, no mention that the NC murderer was a fan of Rachel Madcow and SPLC.


Darkwing said...

And what the hell does a fan of the SPLC and Ms. Madcow have to do with it?? This person murdered three people, shot in the head is an execution not a killing.

prambo said...

Even though the SPLC a$$clowns probably read every syllable on this sight, I'm tempted to launch some kind of non-harmful and legal PsyOps campaign on them.

They're obviously a seriously paranoid lot of fascist boot-lickers, so who knows what kind of baloney they'd suck right up and incorporate into their groups version of "Das Kapital" or :Mein Kampf", depending how you view them. I vote for more Nazi like myself, than Commie.