Saturday, February 14, 2015

Preaching to the Choir

To begin with, I reject the premise that just because someone agrees with gun rights they have earned the right to be considered choir members. That’s right, I said “earned.” The choir is comprised of people up there performing. They put themselves on the line. To get ready for that, they practice. And study. And work. And get to the venue. And put other things on hold to fulfill their commitments to people depending on them.




Joel said...

Is it just me, or is Codrea becoming more and more shrill about gun owners who don't support the right as zealously or in the ways he thinks they should?

Are we to soon see "Fudd" denunciations and show trials?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, and it's amazing what a handful of "doers" can get done. The movement for Constitutional Carry in Texas is only a small fraction of the gun owners in the state, but they've really, really made waves. Just think what could be done if we quadrupled the number of people willing to take off of work, or go to an event.

Anonymous said...

Folks grab a robe and do come on up- but then some complain about information sharing unless there a internet link attached. It's quite interesting to witness someone call others to come on up after just recently chastising some who do - newsflash - just because someone doesn't post their name address and social security number HERE doesn't mean they aren't in this fight and haven't "earned" their keep, especially locally!

Some seem incapable of understanding this point- folks are sick and tired of "putting money in the plate" only to see it wasted on unwanted mailers that ask for more donations while at the same witness groups seeking donations do things contrary to the goals "we" seek. Folks do step up, and the very authorized journalist point enters the fray - they aren't "earning" it the "right" way as self appointed gate keepers of "the message" decide.
It is true that more people have to step up and do their part - but it's not for anyone else to decide what that part is - that's a individual decision. Rather than chastise those who do it THEIR way, Gatekeepers ought to welcome all comers and thank their participation. If there's a dispute about SUBSTANCE, then by all means, debate that SUBSTANCE but leave the politics of personal destruction to the "authorized journalists". The activists in the gun rights community have to face the facts... There IS NO single message beyond the text of the Amendment itself. There is NO single way or mean of delivery and it matters not WHO says what beyond campaigners for office - it matters what is said. If it's truth, especially uncomfortable truth, then it must be accepted - no matter WHO says it.

The most guilty of pushing folks away ought to look in the mirror and see that pushing people out because they don't conform or because they have differing views or differing methods stand right in front of them.

michael said...

Well spoken Mike. Wished others followed your lead more and talked less.

David Codrea said...

I've got decades of material you're free to pull specific in-context quotes out of to prove your thesis, Joel. Absent that, I'd say it's just you.

Anon@12:05: No, here's what I really said, and I stand by it. Any reason you didn't address it there?