Saturday, February 14, 2015

Get it while you can.

Just released notice .... ATF intends to reclassify and ban "armor piercing" ammo including M855.


Anonymous said...

They don't even have to come marching out of Boston anymore.

Rhodes said...

So how true is this ringing now?

It's not about guns...

Royce (Boston T. Party) remarked in one of his books to the effect that those that overly concern themselves with the actions of .gov do so because they have no stomach to do anything but comply.Yes there is danger in non-compliance, readily seen and understood by any man with something to lose. Yet the greater danger, and shame, is in obedience not resistance for in it we bind our unborn and young to slavery.

Just something to think on.

Anonymous said...

.30-06 AP is still exempt Mike, no problem.

Anonymous said...

"ATF will maintain the exemption for 30-06 M2AP cartridges."

... and they wonder why Garands & Springfeild 1903s will become popular for long gun Open Carry!

Sounds very much like ATF are pushing for shooting sons of bitches to become a "sporting purpose" ???

Perhaps this will be the start of the movement to repeal the 1968 GCA in its entirity.


Anonymous said...

They are doing it again. Creating a run on ammo! Get ready for another panic buying crisis!

These people will continue to come up with new ways to torment us.

Was on several sites this morning that had Federal green tip, tonight the ammo is all gone. Glad I already have a good stash.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper than dirt.

$458.00 with shipping and state tax
for 1000 M855 Lake City 5.56X45mm ordered.

Anonymous said...

I can see this standing and frankly, I am suprised they did not think of this sooner. There is no legal precedent that I am aware of that would prevent this from happening and, hell, why not? It is not like they have to worry about elections and there is not a politician made that would come out in favor of "cop killer" bullets.

It still changes nothing other than access to cheap milspec surplus 5.56. While significant is not a deal breaker. Just wait until M855A1 starts to walk itself off of Army marksmanship ranges.

TheBohunk said...

See what happens when the vast majority of gun owners shrugged their shoulders at 7n6 importation bans? Now the AR fanboys get a dose of it because the communists at the ATF have seen how little pushback they get from it.

Before the Golgothan leaves office, there will be no importation of any foreign guns or ammo whatsoever. That is my prediction. If you aren't we'll stocked up by now, you will never be.

Informed42 said...

Anonymous at 1:55 said-
Sounds very much like ATF are pushing for shooting sons of bitches to become a "sporting purpose" ???

They are doing that, but they don't seem to realize that there are a lot more shooters that will
consider them the game for the
'sporting purpose' shooting with no hesitation or remorse.