Monday, January 30, 2012

Praxis: A Combat Gear Primer at Survival Blog; An Inexpensive Dutch LBV & M76 Grendade Launcher Attachment for M14 Rifle.

A tip of the boonie hat to the Irregulars who forwarded this link to a concise "Combat Gear Primer" by "Andrew A." at
Also, I dropped off I95 North today while I was out and stopped at the warehouses of BTP Arms of Waldorf, MD -- who can be found on the Internet at for a pre-arranged tour by the very helpful staff.
Previously, I did a post on the inexpensive M76 clone grenade launcher attachment for the M14-series rifle. They are only thirty-five bucks, which is a steal compared to the three hundred price tag I saw on the last USGI I spotted at a gun show -- a year ago. Upon inspection it appeared to me to be a perfect copy and accommodated the 22mm ass-end of an M1A2 rifle grenade adapter.
Of interest as well was this Dutch Army surplus copy of the USGI LBV.
The load bearing vest sample I examined was in excellent shape and of a pattern quite similar to US Woodland.
The attachment points appeared to me to be adaptable to both ALICE and MOLLE pouches and the grommets on the bottom of the vest look like they could also hold the old World War II hooks. The best thing is that they are selling these for just $9.49.


Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Won't do business with them again. Sent some mag pouches back for exchange (they sent me some completely different type pouches than what I ordered) and then never heard from them again. Called them, they denied ever sending or receiving anything. Bad move on their part. That's not how you expect to do repeat business!!!

Dedicated_Dad said...

I've never tried this type of LBV, but itlooks like one could have two rows of pouches, and they're kept to the sides so as to not interfere with getting prone?

So far I've stuck with Mike's recommended belt-n-'spenders setup, but this looks like it's worth a second look!


Anonymous said...

Jez. And I would need a grenade launcher WHY?

Dedicated_Dad said...

The survival-blog article recommends spray-paint if you don't like the color of something...

I was under the impression that spray paint would shine like a beacon to any IR/NVG, totally undermining the purpose of camo...

Can anyone speak definitively to this topic?

Dr.D said...

OT important


Temnota said...

I've had BPS mentioned to me by a couple of people, even with the appointment-only policy. I'll have to check them out. For those of us in the Waldorf-La Plata area the only choices have been the poor selection at Beacon Surplus and the execrable Fred's.

BTW, Mike, coming to Waldorf on a Monday means you missed out on Lefty's (up the street from BPS). It's one of my favorite lunch spots. Their ribs are out of this world.

KeepShooting said...

Semper Fi,

Please email me directly about your issue:

Or call my direct number:


If this happened it shouldn't have and I will personally make it right. What you describe is not how we do business, and our repeat customers make up close to 70% of our volume now.

Brian T. Platt
Owner /

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

1. anony 5.21 : Why? for DEER hunting, what else??? Nothin' flushes them little Bambi critters out'n the woods like a couple of grenades. I like to flush 'em out then follow up with some Claymores I set around the trail.

2 The link didn't work for me. anyone else?

Anonymous said...

While you were there, did you happen to ask when/if they'd have more Israeli training grenades in stock? they've been listed on their website for years as sold out. I missed out on them when they were available. :(

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Just got an e-mail from Brian at KeepShooting. Not only did he make up the loss, he went above and beyond in making good. I wish to sincerely thank him, and let you know he will be on my future shopping list.

Chase said...

My Dutch LBV got here today, and it's great, but I have to cinch everything up all the way for it to fit me. I guess I'm a really skinny man. I bet it won't flop around as much as M1956 or ALICE though.