Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Praxis: Repro M76 grenade launcher attachments for M14 pattern rifles now available!

And, boy, the price is right!

I paid a hundred bucks for mine some years ago and considered myself lucky. A deep genuflection and doff of the boonie cap to Virginia Rifleman for sending me this link.

M31 HEAT rifle grenade on M14 rifle equipped with M76 GL attachment.


Scott J said...

They also have the GI type flash hider for just under $30.

Anonymous said...

Now you can play big-boy Lawn Darts provided you can find enough dummy grenades.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a source for 22mm ID pipe, either PVC or aluminium? Due to high prices of training/practice rifle grenades, I've been wanting to build some practice grenades for about a year, but haven't found anything that will fit the 22mm flashhider/grenade launcher. 1/2 inch pvc pipe coupling is too large and is too wobbly, but it's the closest I've found so far. had a discussion on it about a year ago:

Mickey Collins said...

7/8" ID tubing would be 22.2mm.
I'm no expert, and have no training grenades to measure the ID of, but 0.2mm (0.008") clearance sounds reasonable to me.

Anybody know the actual internal diameter of the government issue grenades?

Mickey Collins said...

1"OD, .065" wall (.870" ID) aluminum tubing is fairly common.

22.1mm ID might be cutting it a little too close though. That's only about 4 thousandths clearance if the launcher is exactly 22mm.$LimAcc

Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 1:41 PM:
OF COURSE it would only be used with "dummy grenades". Who could possibly even THINK of using it with anything else?

PT said...

My M1 Garand from the CMP came with a mount for the grenade launcher installed on the stock.

This post reminds me I need to get the sight, launcher, and some blanks and start lobbing tennis balls.

Brass Scrounger said...

My beat up M31s measure .860" ID. The bodies have long since been trashed, so we hot glue small Nerf footballs to the tubes. Replacement fins are made from plastic and are also hot glued in place.

Bear in mind any launch item should fit just snug enough to prevent it from sliding off when inverted. Every launcher I've seen as a "watchband" spring at the end to serve as a friction fit and a gas-seal.

Launcher sights used to be everywhere ($5 for Korean-era unissued at the Creek). Might try Sarco or What A Country.

For short range, 15gr of Red Dot in a 30/06 does well.

Anonymous said...

The last few seconds of this video are where the rifle grenade shines.