Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What they did, and didn't, talk about at the NFATCA public meeting at the SHOT Show. Whispers of ATF snitches and U.S. vs. Clark.

"Hot topics."
During the NFATCA meeting, it was disclosed that the ATF, as of last week, has changed its opinion regarding the proper procedure for deactivating a barrel for importation. Previously, ATF issued a letter stating that drilling three holes into the barrel was sufficient. While destroying the functionality of the barrel, it allowed for the barrel to be used in a dummy-gun for a collector, who basically desired a non-functioning replica of a particular firearm. ATF has now announced that it is requiring any such imported barrel to be torch cut in three locations.
Also, ATF has now stated that after having the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) review 18 U.S.C. § 922, it has been decided by OLC that a manufacture may stockpile as many post-86 machineguns as that manufacturer sees fit; however, only the manufacturer may manufacture the post-86 machinegun. What this means, is that it is no longer acceptable or legal, even if the manufacturer has a variance approving the following, for one manufacturer to manufacture the receiver, register the receiver on a Form 2, and then transfer the receiver on a Form 3 to another manufacturer for completion. The OLC has determined that the only transfer of a post-86 machinegun is to a law enforcement agency. There are clearly other concerning issues with regards to this that I will not address, in the hopes that they have eluded ATF.
Lastly, the NFATCA informed everyone that ATF is under specific direction that anything less than 100% during a compliance inspection must result in some form of administrative action. ATF will be conducting compliance inspections of all dealers within 36 months; the days of not having a compliance inspection for 10 years are a thing of the past.
And that is pretty much all the hot topics from the ATF Town Hall meeting and NFATCA meeting.
Well, no, not actually, because a little bird tells me that there was a lot of gossip and grumbling behind the scenes about NFATCA President John Brown's recent outing as an ATF snitch and just exactly how he is getting sweetheart (i.e., teflon) status in the soon-to-implode case of U.S. vs. Clark. Inquiring minds, it seems, want to know. The background noise of grumbling among NFATCA members is growing. The commoners don't like the "special status" of the Lairds and are wondering how much Brown and his former compadre Dan Shea (a source tells Sipsey Street that the former friends have had a falling out) told the ATF bigwigs like Rick Vasquez about THEM. (See here and here for previous Sipsey Street revelations about Mr. Shea.)
Just how long is the NFATCA going to tolerate a federal confidential informant as their "leader"? Inquiring minds want to know.


Jeff Folloder said...

My response is far too long for your Blogger service to handle.


Anonymous said...

Mike if the ATF is going to do audits of every FFL holder over the next 36 months, it’s a clear sign there is an effort to use color of law to force gun dealers out of business.

Mike these are the clowns that gave us Fast and Furious and admit themselves that they are not 100% in their actions, but they now want to force a standard on gun dealers that they themselves can not keep!

So why don’t gun owners fight back by supporting the only candidate that supports REPEALING gun control laws and that’s Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is not the best candidate he’s the only candidate.