Monday, January 4, 2016

ZeroHedge: "Oregon Standoff: A Terrible Plan That We Might Be Stuck With."

"Mike Vanderboegh has outlined similar thoughts expertly in this article. Everything he has written is exactly what was going through my own mind when I heard of the happenings in Oregon. Ammon Bundy and companions are not the tip of the spear. Not even close. What I do fear is that they are cannon fodder beckoning a nationwide government crackdown to which I and others will then be forced to personally respond to with equal f*cking measure. And all of this on the worst possible terms and at a very inconvenient time (executive actions on gun control mere weeks from now)."


Steve Ramsey said...

And apparently they decided to set out in extreme cold weather for a long term operation, without snacks:

And Pete Santilli is down there making Alex Jones look humble, reasonable, and thoughtful:

I really hate to use ridicule at a time like this, on a subject that has serious implications, but dangit, this lot is "F-TROOP" 2016. I can absolutely see their decision making processes at work in this stuff. There can't be a singe one there using their head.

Woodcanoe said...

I think this is a pretty good assessment of the situation, the wrong the wrong place.....for the wrong reasons! Almost as bad as what happened at Harper's Ferry in the John Brown raid.

Shortly before that raid Brown asked Fredrick Douglass, the black man who escaped slavery and became a great orator and author, to join in his cause. Douglass denied a chance to take place, in these words....very appropriate to the present situation:

....."Douglass declined, [to take part in Brown's raid] indicating to Brown that he believed the raid was a suicide mission. The plan was "an attack on the federal government" that "would array the whole country against us." You "will never get out alive," he warned"......

My dad always told me that you want to "pick your fights" meaning you want to make a stand, at the place and time, when it is the best opportunity to do so and best time to acquire as much public support as possible!

This situation is NONE of those, playing only into the hands of the federal government, the gun banners, and the media propaganda whores who tell most of the rest of America, what to think, as they are too stupid to make up their own minds.

I am beginning to agree with some of those who think this might be a "psyops" operation by the anti-gun/federales crowd who have everything to gain from all the negative publicity these idiots are generating. If you read internet news sites you can see it is already working quite well for them.....and not so much for us.