Monday, January 11, 2016

Who hath measured the ground? "What Do the Oregon Ranchers Really Believe?"

The movement is highly decentralized and lacks a single definitive text or articulation of principles. But there is some degree of organization, with two national factions that have become most prominent, active and visible: Oath Keepers and the Three Percent Patriots. Oath Keepers, claims to have 30,000 members, consists largely of current and former law enforcement and military members who have pledged not to carry out any government orders (such as confiscating guns) that they believe violate the Constitution. In recent years, the group has increasingly inserted armed members into conflicts between citizens and the government as “monitors” or “security.”


Anonymous said...

Gets them progressives every time -

highly decentralized = no leader(s) to interview or revile

No definative text = can't even read up on any 'facts'

no definitive principles = how can predictions on behavior be made?

It is a riddle, wrapped in a
mystery, inside an enigma

Ma Duce

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just getting long in the tooth, but I remember things going south long before Ruby Ridge. The banks worked in collusion with the Feds to bring in the U.N. ideology of only large corporations farming huge tracts of land back in the '80's. Made loans to farmers to buy equipment that they probably didn't really need, and then called the loans in, leaving the farmers with no liquidity to carry on the next season. The banks then foreclosed leaving the land open for the big combines to take over. All the while this was happening, a man named Gordon Kahl was speaking to groups of farmers in the midwest explaining the unlawful Federal Reserve, taxes, and Posse Comitatus. He ended up murdered by the Feds and his story can be read in a host of places on the net so I won't drag that out here. I however got to hear it firsthand. Although living in the Northeast far from the midwest farming community I was so interested in what was going on at the time that I got to sit down with Gordon's son Yorie in Lewisburg Fed. prison and get his side of the events. So Ruby Ridge wasn't the first time the Feds. murdered people for wanting to live the way the Founders intended, it was just the first that was broadcast coast to coast for all to see. And to travel even further back in time, Gary Allen's book "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" explained pretty much what was coming down the pike as far back as 1970 for anyone awake enough at the time to listen. (Gary Allen is now turning in his grave as his son Michael is a big fish over at "Politico"). Even further back, Robert Welch of JBS was giving speeches predicting what we now see back in the '60's. So it's not that any of this is something new, it's just that more people have finally woken up to the fact that what they're looking at really is a guillotine and not a figment of their imagination. A whole lot of people no longer with us could say "I told you so", but now more people are willing to listen..

Anonymous said...

Book sits in my library.Great read. Try finding A Nation of Sheep,None Dare Call It Treason,Trading With the Enemy.I must thank JBS. Hooked up with some Lifers in the service. Who turned me on to this New World Order Slavery.I awakened in 1974 in the FROG.Been telling people for decades.Guess I still wear that tin foil hat. But at least I know who is pissing down my neck/why and telling me that's its raining.Behind enemy lines Ct.

Anonymous said...

Behind Enemy Lines Ct. - I do have "None Dare Call it Treason". Read it way back in the late 80's...In '74 I was 17 and blissfully asleep..LOL Anon 5:15am & behind lines in NY

Nemesis said...

I think most awake people know the media is just another government arm that is used to vacuum up what the unaware may tell them for simple intelligence purposes.

Stay away from the media, in whatever form, tell them nothing and let them make up their own crap just as they normally do when your story doesn't suit their collective narrative.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Why does it matter what they believe?

Only because it is inconvenient for some to honestly confront what they are actually doing, exercising "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

They could be a radical off-shoot of Lovecraftian Scientologists calling for the government to nuke the Pacific bastion of Godzilla to provoke it into awakening Cthulhu and the other Elder gods for some kind of obscure metaphysical congress incipient to the plans of Lord Xenu. That wouldn't change the fact that the Feds cannot in principle have any lawful authority to criminalize their protest.