Friday, January 8, 2016

One response that I rather suspect will be rejected by both sides, but we will see. "3% OF IDAHO OFFICIAL PRESS RELASE AND CALL TO ACTION."

Pacific Patriots Network and 3% of Idaho.
PRESS RELEASE - 08 January 2016
Immediate Call to Action
In response to concerns of Federal agencies intervening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, The Pacific Patriot Network (PPN) and its associated organizations are releasing an Immediate Call to Action to secure a perimeter around the Wildlife Refuge; it’s occupiers, and the citizens of Harney County. We wish to establish a safety perimeter of protection for the occupiers so as to prevent a Waco-style situation from unfolding during this peaceful occupation. The primary intention of this outer-ring is to bear witness to any aggressive action initiated by federal agencies or the occupiers, and to encourage an open dialogue towards a peaceful resolution. We will serve as a neutral third-party intermediary to prevent bloodshed. In congruence with the concerns of the citizens of Harney County, The PPN and its affiliated organizations will operate with respect and professionalism so as to not elevate fears within the community. As outsiders, we recognize our responsibility to maintain both peace and civility during our presence. To further demonstrate our non-aggressive posture, military style or tactical clothing will not be authorized for this operation. It is imperative that the Nation recognizes the importance and sanctity of all lives in this situation. While the PPN does not condone nor encourage the execution of the Wildlife Refuge occupation, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that a peaceful resolution is reached.
Please contact Brooke Agresta if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

Some local drone operators need to keep them in the air over this area 24 hours a day til this is over. Record, record, record.

~ Big Al III

tayronachan said...

A suit and tie is what they need while in town, or speaking with people, look professional. I'm sure that will surprise people. I'd be one of them :).

Chiu ChunLing said...

There do seem to be tactically superior options for accomplishing the stated mission.

Anonymous said...

Yu know what will surprise them more?
Someone dressed in camo who speaks knowledgeably and articulately and convincingly.
Quite frankly, this sounds EXACTLY like all the "directions" given by the NRA that I have attended over the years.

Kiss butt, do as you are told to, conform, be more like them so they like you better.
Hate to break it to you, nothing you wear is going to change their minds. No tone you offer will be good enough. All that is served by "looking more and acting more like them" is conning people into being something they are not.

Adopting their language, their style, THEIR RULES is what they want, across the board. And this pathetic bit plays right into it. bowing like that is part of the problem.

If we want them to respect us for who we are, gun owners, rights defenders, then how about we just BE that, as we are, and show them we will not indeed back even one more inch....and start by wearing what clothes we darn well please to wear?

SheepDog said...

"If we want them to respect us for who we are, gun owners, rights defenders, then how about we just BE that, as we are, and show them we will not indeed back even one more inch....and start by wearing what clothes we darn well please to wear?"

I agree. Stop the hand.-wringing.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Anon 10:06pm. They're always the ones telling us to "tone down the rhetoric" as they steamroller all over us. It's the Hegelian Dialectic in action..

Nemesis said...

Read in the Daily Mail about a character who has been holding out in armed resistance for 16 years finally standing down because the Law, in his instance, can longer can touch him - statute of limitations!

However, within the Law, there is no statute of limitations in taking over a federal government building with the purpose of forcing concessions from the federal government. That is called insurrection, and even a non-tyrannical law abiding government needs to act on that!

So, while the Feds fiddle with all kinds of scenarios on how to end this provocation, this stand-off will tend to suck in much from outside its self-imposed perimeter, such as we are now seeing from the three percenters of Idaho.

And, instead of what some folks have been saying, this stand off looks to be blooming and not dying out as some would wish. Maybe some planning for a much bigger event than originally thought possible now needs to be undertaken.