Saturday, January 9, 2016

Meanwhile, the clown circus is now complete as the con-man Kerodin desperately searches for relevance in Oregon and belatedly decides that the Bundys are worth his time away from suing his enemies.

A reader sends this link with the comment "So what's different now?":"Supporting Liberty Forces in Burns."
Timing (and the absence of sensible adults) is apparently everything. You may recall that Kerodin made the vital error of turning his back on the Bundys during the successful action in Nevada and discouraging folks from assisting them. He chose poorly then. What has changed? Only his inner demons (and perhaps his handler) know for sure.


Anonymous said...

On the flip side is that it is not like the guy draws a crowd. Might do well to scrawl that crap on a rest stop bathroom if he wants to reach a bigger audience. I noticed that Max Velocity wrote a similar piece so maybe he was just trying to play the agreeable minion. Whatevers. The guy is as irrelevant and impotent as his lawsuit againt Ken Lane.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...the mere fact that Kerodin wants in on the party makes this smell *even more* like a false flag event.

Anonymous said...

Kerodin, the leader of those lost or clueless, don't ya know?

Anonymous said...

at least I was able to get a shopping list for my next adventure. Nothing like a well-stocked pantry.

Anonymous said...

That dipstick actually THANKED Payne. What a muldoon, what an ultra maroon, to qoute Mr. Bugs Bunny. I think that Payne is a fed plant and that idiot Kerodin is as well. Birds of a feather ya know.

Big Al ~ III

Chiu ChunLing said...

My view on the protest is that it is fundamentally silly, "Let's go out and have a protest in the middle of nowhere, where the Feds and socialist media shills will have inordinate power to shape the narrative!" But also that it is clearly a legitimate and Constitutionally protected protest, not a "false-flag" militia action.

There is a difference between peaceful assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances, which this clearly is, and any kind of militia action, (which the Bundy Ranch standoff involved). Kerodin, by making "support" about donating material, is making (probably deliberately) the same mistake as too many others (some of whom have probably ALSO made it deliberately).

All the Feds really have to do to end this protest is recognize that it is a legitimate protest and commit not to harass or prosecute anyone for it as long as there is no harm...effectively saying, "Okay, y'all can stay up there as long as you like, we don't really care."

Everyone would go home in about three days.

That makes it a silly protest. An effective protest has an audience even if the government ignores it. But it doesn't make it into a useless endangerment of lives or anything like that. Because if the Feds do turn this into a bloodbath, then they'll have blatantly violated the fundamental First Amendment rights of the protesters (the push to denigrate the religious opinions of the Bundys and marginalize the protesters own words in the media is a nice prelude).

And of course the only plausible pretext for saying this isn't a protest is to claim that your Second Amendment rights are contingent on forgoing your First Amendment rights. I think that people should think carefully before accepting and supporting that premise.

If I have to choose among my First and Second Amendment rights, I give up the right to peaceable assembly, then to speak my mind, then the right to practice my religion. After which, there is no reason for me not to resort to indiscriminate killing of anyone that doesn't make themselves sufficiently useful to my cause.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Sam was against this cause before he was for it. I'm disinclined to go back through his postings to find it because I'm sure he has scrubbed any post that proves it.

I think he is now for the Oregon protest when he was against the "Bundy Ranch" protest because he found that he was on the wrong side of the positive public reaction to the Nevada event. Thus, making him look like a loser with no powers of perception to the moral question of each event.

I'm sure this aggravated him to no ends as he sees himself as a wizard with amazing powers of prognostication. Bundy Nevada proved him wrong to his minions on that call. He hates to be proven wrong on anything and especially his wizardness.

The way the MSM is using the Oregon BLM Station takeover event to really clobber "Militias" on the propaganda channels smells deeply of another False Flag, engineered to go hand in hand with the official DOJ position of Domestic Patriots are the biggest threat to the public in general.

On another vein, interesting development is that Sheriff Dave Ward, with whom Ammond Bundy met, was prior to becoming Sheriff was in fact a BLM Rangeland Specialist who was witness number 11 that testified against the Hammonds in the trial. No wonder he is taking the hard ass approach when meeting with Bundy.

Soffitrat said...

Carolyn is a fraud.