Tuesday, January 12, 2016

From Oath Keepers -- "Historic”Militia” Moment: Pacific Patriot Network (Including Oath Keepers) Calls On FBI."

"Their purpose there in Harney County is to help open a line of dialogue and to serve as a buffer to prevent another Waco incident. This is a righteous mission, if done right, and we stand in full support of it. However, at this time we are not doing a national call out for other Oath Keepers members to go there. The local Oregon guys, along with the very capable leaders of Idaho III%, appear to have this mission covered (of being a buffer and facilitating dialogue), and less is more when it comes to keeping things deescalated, as is the stated wish of everyone involved, including Ammon Bundy."


Dakota said...

Some of the worst camera work I have seen in awhile. About the time I could hear something the dumb ass would move. Just wasted 30 minutes of my time trying to figure out what the hell was being said.

As far as talking and laughing with the "Fibbers" that's no big deal, they wanted to talk in the 90's too. I'm done talking to them, they do what they are told to do. Oh and I guess the clean cut image of the FBI agent is no longer? Looked suspiciously like guys you would meet in Afghanistan ...guess the Feds really did recruit from the operators huh.

"National" call out??? ROFLMAO

The Jester said...

Video interview with Harney County 35 year Fire Marshall Chris Briels. Perfect audio.


Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore has released a statement regarding the Oregon Standoff. This is Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Nevada & COWS (Coalition of Western States). I just got off the phone with the former Fire Chief of Burns, Chris Briels, he was the Burns Fire Chief from 1984 to 2006. When he retired in 2006 the county asked him to stay on as the county Fire Marshall. According to the conversation I had with Chief Briels today at 12:26pm Pacific time, he informed me the Sheriff's office and Judge Grasty has been telling the community the militia has been following people and harassing people. Chief Briels saw what he thought was Militia poking around the Armory and following people so he took it upon himself to pull them over. According to Chief Briels these men posing as Militia were the FBI. Chief Briels was so upset he just resigned as the county Fire Marshall. He is going public with this information.

Daily updates from the Wildlife refuge, and interviews with Pacific Patriot Network spokesman, Founder of Idaho 3% organization Brandon Curtiss at link below.