Monday, January 4, 2016

Esquire Magazine: "What's Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less Than Armed Sedition."

Collectivist using the "S" word.
See also: Some “Armed” Protest Occupations Are More Equal Than Others. (Some of the comments are interesting.)


Anonymous said...

All the other words are capitalized but for the lowly "in".

T. Paine said...

....and no more an act of sedition than sanctuary cities, those darlings of the leftist psychopaths.

Sedition said...

As my name implies...sedition against an out of control and illegal government is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

This only proves that you don't have a monopoly on overstatement.
Just put these publishers on your imaginary enemy hit list (if you haven't exceeded some maxima by now).

TheBohunk said...

There is almost no media reporting this thing that isn't demonizing them. They have already lost the court of public opinion. Sadly, there won't be any kiddie gloves used here like they were in Zucotti Park. They are dead men.

Unknown said...

Thebohunk, the media supports the government. The media will always be on the government's side. If you are waiting for media approval, you will wait forever. We should perhaps be waiting, but not for that.

NM Patriot said...

I have said in the past many times that is is NOT sedition to try to uphold the Constitution. It cannot be sedition by that very fact. If you are trying to protect the Constitution (and the Bill of Rights) you are not breaking the law. If you are fighting to defend the Constitution you are keeping your oaths and being a loyal American. Our country was taken over by evil forces about 1913 and we have finally reached the point where they cannot hide their activity any longer. We MUST stand and protect the Constitution, forcing them to return to the founders' vision of a NATIONAL GOVT. Not some overreaching tyrant that rules our very existence. This was NOT what the united States was intended to be and we have been brought low. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

NM Patriot:
So then it is OK to do anything as long as one 'claims' they are doing it to uphold the Constitution?? Why do you not think your enemies won't make the same claim. And do it with the legal might of the nation.

I guess you'll just have to kill them all.
But that is impossible. [and, by the way, the Feds are not acting like you all say they will, but rather rationally, or at least not obviously irrationally, like these guys].

Only dialog and legal action will solve anything.

Ymar Sakar said...

Only dialog and legal action will solve anything.

That's what they said to John Brown. Turned out Brown was right on the strategy, wrong on the tactics and timing.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The Constitution is an actual document, not terribly arcane or complex.

Certain claims to uphold it are rationally tenable, others are not.

The re-sentencing of the Hammonds after they had already served their previous sentence is expressly unconstitutional, as is the vast claims the Fed makes to the majority of western lands.

They can defend that with all the evil they can muster, it doesn't change the fact that any claim they make to be "upholding the Constitution" by doing so is utterly false.

If we have to kill them all, we will.

And we can, by conventional force of arms.

If you're going to put WMD on the table against us, we can make and use those too.

So you better make sure your dialog and legal action are acceptable to us, because it definitely isn't the only way we can solve this in our favor.

Anonymous said...

Since when did the enforcement arm have the power to override the COURTS decision and sentence?


This is blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL...but then again virtually everything since day one of Oblusteringdickhead's reign has been Extra Constitutional and Unconstitutional.

All the corruption you will stand and let them get away with UNSCATHED...

Sign Me, Neal Jensen