Monday, January 4, 2016

"Don't cry for me, Argentina" Ritzheimer gets the treatment from collectivist propagandist at the Daily Beast

There's nothing subtle about the Daily Beast propaganda. Get the connection between the American armed citizenry and ISIS terrorists?
"The Anti-Muslim Zealot in Bundy’s Oregon Militia."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bundy should hang a "Ranchers Lives Matter" banner on the building for the news crews to take pictures of. If this is about the airing of rancher's grievances, then at least get some media support for your story. It won't be long til the press is banned from the area.

TimeHasCome said...

All media is good media . While we might cringe and shudder at some of he antics of some ranchers the optics can only be good . Because I grew up in the 1960s when the peace loving Hippies shot ,burned and bombed their way to power. Because it was Che Guevara Lefties pulling the triggers it was all OK . The optics then was horrible but they won everything they wanted.
These ranchers are dead enders and they know it . Harney county was one of the richest counties and now one of the poorest . The words rural and poor have become synonymous. They have chosen their hill to die on and it will be known as the Malhuer Massacre.Or they will spend the rest of their lives in jail, that is their only two choices. The rough draft of 2016 history is being written and the ranchers are writing that history.

Anonymous said...

Daily Beast is such a joke of a publication when it comes to "facts". But then they're geared to an audience that does things like dressing up as Spock at ComiCon events and getting hit by cars crossing the street while engrossed in their Smart Phone. According to them, anyone who doesn't tow the Obama/Progressive/Socialist line is a "hate group". And reading off an article they link to, Hancock NY is near Albany. I'd love to see one of them walk the distance (especially in winter) if they're so near one another. As Dutchman has repeated many times: stupid is as stupid does. And boy, are they stupid..