Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Animal Liberationists: Why We Must Take The Fight To Human Targets."

Uh huh.


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off the rails and the Shit Storm Grows!!

Well Done Obama and Minions , WELL DONE

Anonymous said...

I've said it before. The Left in the US is a crazy-quilt of tiny groups of loud wackos who hate one another. The gays hate the animal rights wackos, because you can't really test AIDS drugs without infected monkeys as test subjects. The "undocumented workers" hate the gays. And on, and on, and on.

One marvels that the whole edifice has hung together as long as it has, given that it's no more and no less than a gaggle of self-hating weirdos with, as the cool kids say, "daddy issues."

This guy is crazy even for a Red, and proposes murdering working-class folk who, by no choice of their own, but rather due to capitalist exploitation (or so other Marxists would tell him) do dangerous, low-paying, physically strenuous jobs in slaughterhouses, and who disproportionately tend to have a lot more melanin than his lily-white ass does, to appease his own bourgeois affectation of "veganism." Yeah, remember when Lenin and Stalin took over in Russia? The first thing they did was to close down all the meat packing plants in the name of pan-species socialist solidarity, right? Oh, wait, that never happened.