Wednesday, May 6, 2015

These stupid tyrants in Oregon think they've got it all planned out. What's the "fiscal impact" of civil war?

Fiscal Impact of Proposed Legislation Measure: SB 941–A REVISED
The Department of Corrections (DOC) assumes a three month lag between the measures effective date and the date first offenders may be received. Included in the cost estimates in the table above are funds that would be distributed to the community corrections departments of counties for the costs of probation, post-prison supervision, and local control. The estimated length of stay is assumed to be approximately 11 months in a DOC facility at a marginal cost per day of $23.41. The estimated length of stay in local control is approximately 2 months, with an estimated 18 months of probation. The cost per day estimate for local control and probation is $10.72 per offender.


PO'd American said...

Reading this "analysis" should make every Oregonian's blood boil.

Unclezip said...

It won't pass the first court cases, as the whole thing is constitutionally ambiguous. That, and the cops won't enforce it. The only real problem is the glut of hungry, crooked, progressive prosecutors in Salem.

Sedition said...

Have they priced body bags lately?

Anonymous said...

Unclezip the cops will enforce it,, very selectively and blatantly.
this 33rd state is as corrupt as any state on the planet, indeed the corruption here is so entrenched into the minds of the population they do not even discuss it.
or-egon, the tip of the sword. projects claims of roman rule of the unprocessed treasures and exists only to plunder the peoples as is has since the first peoples were slaughtered by disease, publicanism and swept away for the new slave crops in the 1800's via land grants for the people escaping the politics of the eastern states.
Show trials for feeble minded jurors and newspaper coverage of said trials are expected within 90 days of enactment of this new statute to press more fear of the state snitch systems into the already neutered population here.
I have nothing left but contempt for this planet of death camps, genocides and engineered lobotomy by tv, radio and print.

EOGuy said...

They are also failing to calculate the lost tax revenue from people voting with there feet. As this assault continues Idaho and Montana are looking better all the time.