Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Caught with their britches down around their knees, the Capitol Police want to know who told on them.

Capitol Police Investigating Gun Report Leak
After two CQ Roll Call reports Friday called attention to safety lapses involving firearms in the Capitol and raised eyebrows among concerned members of Congress, police officials announced a new investigation — into how CQ Roll Call got the story.


Anonymous said...

They left guns in the bathroom? I thought that was a picture of a bathroom gun dispenser?.?.

Anonymous said...

Slay the messenger!!!
How Poli-parot

Informed42 said...

The traitors in government now, ad their pea brained, gullible followers, want to know every move members of the public make, but they don't want the public to know what a bunch of fuck ups they have working for them.

Interesting that they're more concerned about finding out how word of the screw ups got out than they are about finding out who screwed up and correcting them.

Just one more example of their going after the 'whistle blower' harder than trying to correct the problem. Demonize whoever let the word out to the public.

The bastards will stop at nothing.
That's the same reason they've tried just abut everything they can to get Snowden, and still are.

Jack Crabb said...

I wonder how often this really happens.

It must be endemic. I personally know of two similar situations that occurred with other fed agencies.

Anonymous said...

Handy way to exchange a "cold piece"...