Sunday, May 17, 2015

Medicare/Medicaid-accepting ‘psychotherapist’ urges black people to kill

Adding his voice to those calling for killing police officers, a self-identified “psychotherapist” has taken to social media to justify blacks indiscriminately doing it as an act of “self-defense,” Weasel Zippers reported Thursday. Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, who claims to be the “founder” of an affliction exclusive to blacks that he calls Manic Aggression Personality Disorder, posted violence-inciting messages on his Twitter feed and Facebook account. “In self defense blacks must kill,” Lei Millere advocates. “Kill in self defense the one in blue who’s killing you.”


Not Me said...

We have "GIVEN" * them a reported $23 TRILLION for the 'war on poverty', and what did we get for it, Mr. and Mrs. Liberal voter, Mr. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Mr. Jimmy Carter, Mr. Bubba Clinton, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Mr. Barak (he should say 'excuse me') Obama ?
And a bankrupt nation to boot !

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something here but don't you call for the same thing?

Not Me said...

@Anonymouse- your post was unclear.
If you are addressing NotMe, I am calling for a return to sanity. A return to the Constitution. A return to a place where you must make a concious effort to cross paths with the government. And that means no more government handouts or restrictions on the freedom that the Founders won for us and obtained by their blood and sacrifices. I fear that we will have to use the same means to win them back. But we WILL get them back.

Son of Sam Adams said...

Funny, this guy doesn’t seem to be licensed in DC (where the phone number is) or Ohio (he had an office in Columbus as of last year). Has he actually been taking Medicare, or is that just a scam?