Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Talk about missing the entire point.

There is much talk amongst the cable chattering class that the jihadis who had their tickets punched with a .45 ACP Glock in capable hands either did, or did not, operate on the orders of ISIS Central. What stupidity. In the era of Fourth Generation Warfare they are missing the entire point. 4GW COUNTS ON not having to rely on command and control channels that can easily be disrupted. What are they worried about? Making a LEGAL case against the current ISIS Caliph? 4GW is a war of weaponized ideas and targeted actions versus the enemy's will to resist. IT IS IMMATERIAL WHETHER ANY ORDERS WERE ISSUED OR COMMANDS WERE GIVEN. Welcome to 4GW, where the threat is anywhere and everywhere.


Anonymous said...

And let's not forget the point of when 4GW is run in capable hands (3%er's), where targets are parts of the snake, not some poor schnook taking his family to the food court in the mall..

Anonymous said...

Wow. Damn. You are 100% right.

Anonymous said...

Agree Mike.

And in the spirit of Sun Tzu, I believe the center of gravity for the enemies of the US Constitution is the US media.

The current regime's agenda is DOA without a complicit media.

Applying 4GW concepts to the US media might go a long way in restoring the Founder's Republic.

Anonymous said...


Spot on!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well 2:12pm anon, whom would you suggest be shot first then?

I presume you mean after the first shot is fired by their side, correct?

I personally do not see shooting journalists going over well for us. They might be slanted and crooked, but does that deserve a wartime death? I say no, let them dance the hangman's jig after they've been given their chance in court.

Anonymous said...

Mike, making a legal brief is EXACTLY their mindset.
Remember, to them it's just a "criminal" matter and they have a one track mind trained to respond to it in one preconditioned way.

Don't knock it too much though. When the time funally arrives, their idiocy will work to our benefit, making our victory that much easier to attain.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 2:12

I'm not so sure making targets of the media will win friends there. More likely, they will see the collectivists as their protectors.

On the other hand, if we wait for the collectivists to turn on the media (which they will eventually) and then the media see that the only thing that can save them from beast is the 2A, then they will start forming a different opinion.

KUETSA said...

I think our commander in chief would rather not hear about this 4GW stuff.
You can not do everything in your power to turn a citizenry into a helpless, defenseless, harmless mass and then get them riled up that they are under attack!
(Somewhere along the line if Americans become aware of Islamic attacks on US soil, that may lead to a sudden rash, rave, "fad of the day" of arming themselves, giving them the thought that it is a GOOD thing to own a battle rifle with a collection of 30 round magazines, voting out Progressive Socialists who are repealing the Second Amendment, and restoring TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES instead of the progressive globalist socialist political correct thought control that has been being rammed down our throats)

Anonymous said...

Mike V,
This is a heads up comment for you, post it it not that's your choice obviously...but it's meant for you.

A few things about missing the point -
I've had three instances of serious gut check on the false flag front regarding the foiled attack in Texas. I set them mostly aside until now, I just saw a picture of the carbine used by one of the Moslems and I noticed the "arm brace" factor. I've not seen anyone point to it or talk about it.

A bit CONVENIENT to have such a "controversial" unit just all of a sudden used as part of a "assault rifle" terrorist event....wouldn't ya say?

I just thought you might make some "interesting" observations regarding it and take note of it at least -seeing as how I AM BETTING THE FARM that we witness the arm brace "used in a terrorist attack" data point touted somewhere in the future (possibly the coming SCOTUS challenge to GCA/NFA......

Anonymous said...

We're violating one of W. C. Fields' cardinal rules here. The one that goes: "never smarten up a chump."

Let them build their Maginot line and congratulate themselves on owning the stuff that's irrelevant to 4GW. Plenty of time for us to teach them how it was done at the peace negotiations.

"But America's fighting forces did not fail us. 'You know, you never beat us on the battlefield,' I told my North Vietnamese counterpart during negotiations in Hanoi a week before the fall of Saigon. He pondered that remark a moment and then replied, 'That may be so, but it is also irrelevant.' "

Quoted from here:


Anonymous said...

In regards to the arm brace...Logic would say, the two attackers were neutralized very quickly, the arm brace gave them no advantage, so forget it. BUT, you are right. Flight 800 blew up because of wiring, however, we still have to show ID to use commercial air travel, because of wiring?