Saturday, May 9, 2015

People, get a grip. Jade Helm is not an attempt at martial law. It IS designed to prep the future battlefield by provoking hysteria through disinformation. (And they're doing a pretty damn good job of that courtesy of loons like Alex Jones.)

"When in peril or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout." -- Grandpa Vanderboegh.
"But monitoring commandos? It makes some sense — or at least, it’s feasible. In addition to handling communication during disasters, the State Guard participates in the Military Auxiliary Radio System, a network of part-time high-frequency radio operators who’d spring into action if America’s communication grid were to break down or be destroyed. In short, the State Guard directs communications between the U.S. military — such as the National Guard — and the governor during disasters. It’s not a huge leap to have them talk to SOCOM during Jade Helm. It might even be good practice."
Look, I have refrained from commenting on the more unrestrained "martial law is coming to your town" chicken little panic that the disinformation-artist-for-money Alex Jones and others have been fomenting with spittle-flecked hysteria. I have allowed precious little of this self-discrediting Chinese fire drill stuff to penetrate here and that policy will continue. There are enough real threats to worry about without exaggerating others.
(Some of you would-be posters may have noticed that I have been deleting your Jade Helm links that you submit on posts that are off-topic and put up anonymously. If I don't know who you are and I don't recognize the link, you don't make the cut, especially when it is obviously not apropos of the original post. I'm not going to take time to check it out because I don't have it to waste, and that goes for other stuff besides Jade Helm. And, by the way, based on past experience NOTHING with an InfoWars link gets through. Period.)
Of the claims I have seen, it is obvious that every ridiculous piece of disinformation from the 90s has been resurrected for this one, including the old hoary "rail cars with shackles" canard. Personally, were I a militia unit commander in the Jade Helm Area of Operations, I would take the advice above and have my folks -- in civilian clothes -- follow, watch and learn. Monitor, to the extent that it is possible, their movements. Observe their tactics. Document them. After-action analyze what you learn. I doubt very seriously if you will be able to monitor their communications, but much can be learned -- especially by your friendly sources within local law enforcement in the AO -- about what is happening.
Try to remember that all this disinformation-driven hysteria does is discredit your position. IT IS DESIGNED TO DO THAT. If the PTB can use things like this to convince serious people who might otherwise be our allies that we are all just a bunch of Alex Jones loons, then they have shaped the future battlefield in unseen ways that are to their advantage. Keep calm, watch and learn. Vocally (and loudly) object in local political venues about troops training amongst the population. It is dangerous. It is unnecessary. And training accidents certainly happen. One day, somebody is going to screw up and fly a Blackhawk into a crowded elementary school. Raise these very real objections with your local authorities, especially your county sheriff. BUT DON'T BUY INTO THE HYSTERIA. IT IS DESIGNED TO DIVIDE YOU FROM YOUR NATURAL ALLIES, THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO TOOK AN OATH BEFORE GOD TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. Indeed, for the purposes of Leviathan, if Alex Jones didn't exist already, they would have to invent him.


Arkindole said...

I pretty much agree with you on the hysteria, however Karl D. at Market-Ticker says this, which we should consider with regard to those "oath takers":
"...So, what can one take from all this? Well, the obvious: The military probably is war-gaming the possibility of civil insurrection, and if that was to occur Posse Comitatus (which is current law and prevents the Military from being used for such a purpose inside the US) would likely be repealed by Congress and The President in about 15 minutes.

In other words you're not a "conspiracy nut" if what you believe someone is doing is in fact what they're doing!..."

Robin said...

Thank you. The voice of reason, thought, and facts.

Anonymous said...

Well said!! Thanx
I will say this though, considering all there training facilities they have built, land the US Mil has, access to State of the Art training facilities with yes even water and ship bodies, traing towns etc etc etc....
I see it as eye jabbing to come "off there reservations."

I realize it isn't the ground pounder calling the shots, but much higher up's.
They have All they need, and could fill civi role playing with even civi base people.
I just can't buy there .... Rationalization for coming off the rez.
Thanx for pointing out with a level head , this whole alex jones zipper head non-sense

Anonymous said...

Alcoa stock must be up with all the aluminum foil being sold for hat making.

Anonymous said...

There are exactly 2 "media" people on this Earth I now trust to tell me the truth of what is really going on in the world... Mike Vanderboegh and Alex Jones.

Its too bad you both are enemies or at least disagree with each other.... Something I really don't understand.

All I know is if it wasn't for you two, I would have never had my eyes truly opened to what is really going on in this world.

Rhodes said...

Such is the way of things once the "mandate of heaven" is lost to a government this powerful to quote your own usage.

Jones aint the problem here but a symptom of the problem.

I no longer tell people that this or that will not happen for the simple reason that if it does, as there is much happening once considered impossible, there is no recompense I can offer for my misjudgment.

Anonymous said...

A standing army is only topped by Central Banks as a threat to this nation. The US military has been a tool of the Banks and Corporations for over a century.
Doing the bidding of Money Masters and not protecting the American People or the Constitution. That is a fact!

CITIZEN MILITIAS people, that is what America was supposed to be defended by.

Anonymous said...

Just like "calling in the national guard" in ferguson and Baltimore (and was called for by a now jailed governor of Illinois) jade helm serves the purpose of desensitizing the population to the presence of military uniformed people operating amongst the civilian population.

I agree with you mike on your points about it being foolishness that this is about martial law being imposed now. It's not. I disagree though that it's black helicopter stuff to warn folks about what IS happening. The things you say are good - especially watch listen learn document. But dismissing the desensitization angle is a mistake on your part.

Dismissing the hype is right and proper - ignoring that kernel of truth that spawns it isn't.

Sean said...

I see in this thing a deliberate gathering of data by FedGov., both to check the readiness of forces, and as an aside, check what the chicken littles jabber about, take note of their actions, and learn accordingly what we might do. They consider us all chicken little, being that the wise are only sprinkled in among the masses of unwise, and unaware.So it will be good intelligence gathering for them, whatever the outcome. Sun Tzu: Make your enemies do things they do not want to do, think things they do not usually think, and be where he does not want to be.

Anonymous said...

Look, Mike V, anyone on this website can correct me if I am wrong, but you train like you intend to fight. If you train in urban areas, its because you seek to eventually fight in urban areas. I listen to Alex Jones a lot. He has never said definitevely that this "is the big one" or the one thing that will start TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, Civil War 2, whatever we call it. Alex has mentioned that this is all a giant psy-op. Maybe this does happen concurrently with "the big one" maybe not.

Yes, it probbaly will be used to discredit some people. "Oh look!!!! look at these tin foil hat morons!!! LOL!!!! We simply pointed the 50 calibur machine guns at sovereign citizen actors saying they support the consitution (something that HAS ben done by the way... there are videos on youtube where military IS TRAINING AND ONLY TRAINING AT THE MOMENT to round up and target constitutionalists) but we never actually slaughtered them!!! HAHAHAHAHAH, christ just because we trained like we were going to round up constitutionalists and not trained to fight them Iraqis, doesn't mean we actually do it.

Look, Mike V, I love you to death, and really support you, but I dont think you allow too many dissenting voices onto your website. Censoring people is awfully communistic. Is this aspect of your past still with you today? You still feel the communistic tendency to censor and not openly debate others?

You know at some point, with all these psy-ops, and "infowars" and everything else, we become damned if we do and damned if we don't like the Jews in 1940. Is there some computer generated hyper-advanced algorithm that says, given the situation today, we should do precisely X, Y, and Z in order to do things that can win our "allies".

You, Mike V of the 3%er seem to take action that "piss" all over the "allies". Indeed, I praise those in the 3% who take action to defy unconstitutional gun laws, the consequences or whoever thusly likes or dislikes you be damned. You guys are behaving like you feel you should, even if it means no one supports you. I mean if Alex Jones is bad becuase he is "driving" people who might be our "allies" away from the cuase, then what the HELL are you guys doing, by driving all those FUDDS away with your hard core armed civil disobedience??? you dont think the media uses your armed civil disobedience to try to discredit you???? Heck if anything, the unwashed masses see you as more of a militia loon type then Alex Jones becuase after all, you and others like you are gun nut jobs who don't support "common sense" gun registration laws.

I guess what I am trying to say is, at some point, you have to stop all the hyper advanced war gaming to try to win the most to your cause and just do what is right and just, the consequences be damned. Jade Helm is wrong. Period. No, it porbbaly won't start "The big one", but the military SHOULD NOT be trianing like this. you want to train for overseas missions for the fat cat militaily industrial complex, go trian in the desserts outside Las Vegas. Stop training in American urban environments.

Unknown said...

Paul criticized the hawkish senators for thinking the laws of war should take precedence over the Bill of Rights. The two had criticized Paul’s statements about drone policy during the Kentucky Republican’s nearly 13-hour filibuster on Thursday. “They think the whole world is a battlefield, including America, and that the laws of war should apply,” Paul said in an interview on Fox News about McCain and Graham

Allen said...

anon 9:32

if you think alex jones is telling you the truth, you need to research Hal Turner. they're part of the same program.

Phelps said...

This is a training opportunity, especially for COMINT. I actually do expect to be able to get some of their comms, because this is an interagency operation.

Encryption is hard. Getting just one unit on the same codes is a feat -- getting multiple units all on the same encryption scheme with the same codes is damned near impossible.

What they transmit is likely to be in the clear, although they will use codewords and brevity to obscure.

Anonymous said...

Mike - I love you and pray for you and thank God for you every day. I have supported you financially. I listen to Alwx every day and I haven't heard one word of the spittle-flecked hysteria you mentioned above on his show. I have heard Alex say that the main purpose of Jade Helm is to flesh-out who will cooperate with a martial law plan and who won't. Of course. It makes perfect sense - they aren't going to move for any kind of takeover without first getting their people into place and getting any resistors out of the way. Jade Helm 15 is most probably not going to be "the big one" - but as another poster has pointed out, the entire operation is bullshit and not acceptable. There is no good reason for an exercise like to this to be planned and executed in this manner. No matter what the actual purpose is, this should but every liberty loving American on alert. No sentient American can say that we are not on a path towards totalitarianism in this country. There is damned good reason for people to be alarmed.

I'm not sure if uou listen to Jones or not? Yes, there is some showmanship and yes, sometimes he is a little over the top - but I haven't heard him lie. He challenged his listeners to "look it up". I do. He's right every time. Look up the state department paper 7727 from 1962 which details the intent of Jade Helm. Maybe the S is not going to HTF this week? Can anybody with any sense then say that we have nothing to be concerned about? I don't know why you are so critical of Alex Jones. He's not lying and as far as I'm concerned, it is long past time for hysteria. This country is in serious serious peril.

Steady Steve said...

I would not be surprised if someone in .gov actually did invent Alex Jones. Guess we will find out on Judgement Day.

Baron Bodissey said...

I generally agree with your assessment of InfoWars. However, it's important to remember that the InfoWars correspondent was the ONLY journalist sending out reliable, accurate, real-time coverage from the scene of the Bundy Ranch stand-off. No other media outlet did anything except have some bozo or bimbo stand on the overpass and talk to the camera about what those nasty right-wing extremists were doing down there.

It's important to vet Alex Jones' stuff carefully to separate the wheat from the chaff, like we do with RT and Ruptly. And some people say he's in the pay of the Russians, so the resemblance may not be coincidental.

Anonymous said...

Posse Comitatus isn't worth a bucket of warm spit these days. Thanks to the actions of these past "Presidents" with the "Patriot" Act(s) and recent NDAAs passed that water it down to meaningless platitudes.

You can scream "unConstitutional" all day long. In the end, that alone is not going to stop the stormtroopers.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks back Pastor Chuck Baldwin had much to say in his sermon about infighting in the liberty community. Please, let's avoid the in fighting at all costs. It only helps the enemy...And may the Lord bless pastor Baldwin for bringing me back to Christ..

Kit Lange said...

It always amuses me that the commenters who are most critical and borderline disrespectful all have the same name: Anonymous.

Some of us stand by what we say and what we do.

Kit Lange

mans worst day said...

Come on man. Alex Jones isn't a loon and he hasn't perpetrated the hysteria. He BROKE the story and since the beginning has solidly stated that it's a psyop against us. The mainstream media took his story that he broke and used his name in their headlines to sensationalize it for their own ratings and now without having heard Alex you drop the same keyword...So come on, Alex is on our side and does more waking up the people than anyone. Lay off him, back him up cause he is for family, liberty and YOUR personal rights. And to all who are still blasting him or wondering about him, I assure you that he is for real. You cannot say what he says the way he says it and not be genuine. If you doubt Alex then you simply doi not know him and listen to others way too much. Believe me, I have tried to catch him being disingenuous and years have gone by. The man is simply put, The real Deal. Truth is discernable, lies are tougher.

Dutchman6 said...

MWD -- My experience with Alex Jones -- my personal, irrefutable experience with him -- is that he's a liar and chickenshit slanderer. And who did he do this to? Why me, of course. When called on it, he refused to retract it and refused to apologize. Even when people who know us both like Stewart Rhodes called him on it, his ego refuses to admit error. Alex Jones is on his own side.

"You cannot say what he says the way he says it and not be genuine." Bullshit. Unless you mean a genuine bullshit artist, in which case I agree.

Don't lecture me on Alex Jones. You don't know him like I know him.

Anonymous said...

I have to follow the tone of restraint re. Alex Jones. I think AJ spoofs himself on purpose to lighten up the mood. Nobody is right on all points. I get duped here and there and have egg in my nosehairs from time to time. I was listening to him in the nineties on shortwave for God sake. The facts support that the institutional understate [guvmint] is out to tighten down the idiocracy. I suppose they mostly false-flag the news. If I thought someone really/actually snuffed 25 kids like supposedly went down in CT I would be seriously worried [which does no good]. Hoaxing the hoaxters is in fashionable. Eventualy THE guilty parties will probably go live with mass extinction. And maybe there is a natural end. What say ye? The Chipster.