Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dave Workman asks a darn good question.

Can Mike Huckabee win a single Washington vote?
A more provocative question, one that is hardly beneath CNN, is whether Huckabee will find a single vote in Washington State, where hard feelings still linger about what happened to four Lakewood police officers at a coffee shop on Nov. 29, 2009. There, a recidivist criminal named Maurice Clemmons – for whom Huckabee had commuted a 108-year prison sentence in May 2000 to 47 years, five months and 19 days – opened fire and killed all four. He was armed with two handguns including one that had been reported stolen in Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

The Huckster fooled some before and he still talks a good game. But thinking people understand he's in the race to peel off votes in order to help JEB.

IF YOU VALUE LIBERTY, then stay the course on Cruz Control. A vote for anyone else this time around is a mistake.