Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kurds Push US To Arm Them Directly

Barzani said the central government had not honored a deal struck in 2007 between US, Iraqi and Kurdish commanders that Kurdistan's peshmerga militia receive its share of US military aid from Baghdad. "We eventually ended up having the peshmerga not receiving a bullet or a piece of weaponry from Baghdad," he told reporters.


Anonymous said...

How many times must we learn this lesson ?
It's a ongoing hoodwink. We must stop arming ANY Muslim! We must stop teaching them tactics too.
To those we seek to aid as mercenaries - food and water only, maybe some medicine.

True FRIENDS would appreciate food and water.
Over and over we are played - cuz over and over our own weapons go missing.

All while we, the AMERICAN people, who Pay For those weapons are barred from having those same weapons ourselves!

Time to end the idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there's a great need for an overseas smuggling operation Mike.

Anonymous said...

Kurds and Arabs are not the same folks. Ask ANYONE who has real world experience of both. The GoI in Baghdad is a Shia kleptocracy, what we give them to pass on to the Kurds they either keep for themselves, sell on the open market to fill out some General's Swiss bank account, or pass on to Iranian backed "militia's" and such.

Our weapons go missing (along with everything else that can be stolen) when they are in ARAB hands, the same people we foolishly recognize as the legitimate government of Iraq. These are the same people who are responsible for much of the current conflict there because all they ever did after they came to power was screw over the Sunni's. And we are surprised by the results? We shouldn't be, it was predictable all along.

Stop supporting a GoI that is nothing more than the Shia ruling the Sunni, and give all the aid we send directly to the Kurds. If we were to do this you would find what happens very shortly to be highly instructive.

Anonymous said...

GoI = Government of Iraq