Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Jade Hype" & Linda Thompson.

A long-time reader emailed me under the header, "Jade Hype." He commented: "You will, of course, be castigated for that post. You're right, it's all the regurgitated crap from the '90's. I wonder where Linda Thompson is?"
That got me to wondering, Yeah, whatever DID happen to Linda Thompson. Well, if I ever knew, I forgot. The lady passed away in 2009.


Curmudgeon said...

That name brings up another from the same time frame.

J J Johnson

Allen said...

linda thompson was the lawyer for the Sweeneys in hamilton,MA. I gave her a ride from logan airport to the courthouse right after the federal marshals took mr. sweeney out of the house.

it was an...interesting ride.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget William Cooper. He was allied with Linda Thompson.

Anonymous said...

ok I give who was linda and JJ

Bad Cyborg said...

"Thompson died in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 10, 2009 after overdosing on medication given to treat complications from a gastric bypass surgery performed twelve years earlier. "

Am I the only one who finds that just the slightest bit suspicious?

Anonymous said...

J.J. Johnson courtesy of the good folks at SPLC...,6#21

.. integrating the neo confederate movement. Out of the box thinking, you might say.

Anonymous said...


Off topic here, but I had to make a comment.

I just spent the past half hour back and forth in a twitter conversation with the guy who runs @CTCarry. The jist of my end of the conversations was "For Pete's sake its been two years, TAKE ACTION. DO SOMETHING". The jist of his end of the conversation was "We are giving seminars".

I'm not sure who's carrying the ball in CT as far as demanding redress for SB 1160, but in my opinion as a recently retired military officer, you got a real Lt Norman Dike on your hands @CTCarry.

Curmudgeon said...

Oh yeah, what ever happened to "Mark from that state up north"? (AKA *ichigan)

Anonymous said...

K.D. over at market ticker had a few questions about jade helm. It's worth a read.

j said...

CYBORG - no, you are not. My wife had that surgery done and had to take meds for the rest of her life, but none of them - and they were many - could have been taken 'accidentally' in a lethal amount. I am surprised that 'they' didn't find a journal entry in which she said she was planning a late night boat ride with Bill Colby and Vince Foster.