Thursday, May 14, 2015

More than a "wee bit," I would say. If You Support A Law That Is Based On Racism, Are You A Racist?

Given the state of race relations in North Carolina in 1919 and the contextual background of this law, I defy anyone to say that there is no racial component to this law. It may not have said de jure that blacks couldn't possess pistols and other weapons but that was the de facto reality. So I say to Mike Bloomberg, Gabby Giffords, Dan Gross, Shannon Watts, and all the others of their ilk who have been agitating against HB 562, does not your support for the continuation of a law conceived in racism make you just a wee bit racist yourself?
Given Bloomberg's previous statements about disarming inner city black folks, more than a "wee bit," I would say.


Anonymous said...

I live in North Carolina and I've a bit of experience with this law and watching the state's enforcers fight tooth and nail to keep it (they shot down an attempt to disband it a few years ago).

The North Carolina Sheriffs Association (all 100 sheriffs in fact) opposes disbanding the pistol purchase permit system (and Constitutional Carry) because they will lose revenue and control of the citizenry (it's May Issue and can be denied for any reason that the sheriff pulls out of his ass). Of course they're claiming that they oppose disbanding it for "safety" (isn't that always their excuse). It's also pointless because you still have to go through the standard NICS check at the store where you buy your pistol from.

Interesting fact: The law technically applies to the private sale of handguns as well as those bought from FFLs but everyone ignores it and the police don't enforce it because it's impossible to do so.

Anonymous said...

And this is where it shows the most -
If the Republican Party would circle the wagons around the GUN RIGHTS issue, then the LIE that is used by controllers to justify the false vote counting would be exposed. Today we are told that 90% or more of the black people voting ALWAYS vote exclusively "democrat" - thus "EXPLAINING" democrat victories in inner cities.

Guess what?! Black actually DO care deeply about gun rights and they buy into the "safety" garbage STRICTLY because no republicans dare CHALLENGE that garbage openly.

How about a REPUBLICAN go deep into the so called "black community" and say "Aren't you folks fed up with criminals running things while YOU are unable to exercise your right to defend yourself by owning and carrying firearms? Aren't you suck and tired of your sons going to jail for nothing more than possession a firearm (as opposed to committing robbery and rape and murder) and then being labeled felons who can't then attain a good job? Aren't you just DONE with cops thinking that JUST because you possess a firearm or even a blade that you are automatically a criminal? Aren't you disgusted with being fed this line that criminals won't get guns if we ban then and that they won't get guns if we just add another fee based permission slip factor that only makes it harder and more expensive for YOU, the honest person who only seeks to defend your own life and your own property? Aren't you folks FED UP with being told -disarm totally and the pOlice will PROTECT YOU?-


Do you folks not realize that it's the DEMOCRATS who sic the pOlice on you to write all those tickets in order to fund the things they claim to want to give you for free? Do you not see that the gun control Democrats engage in is ROOTED in post slavery America where fools just tried to deny BLACK PEOPLE their right to keep and bear arms NO DIFFERENTLY than they tried to deny you folks your right to vote? Isn't it time to see that DEMOCRATS are like crack dealers - hooking you on "free stuff" only to suck every dollar out of you in fines and fees because they addict you to free stuff?

Do you not see that DEMOCRATS lie endlessly to get you to vote for them so they can the control what you eat, where you live and what jobs you can gain - all facilitated by conning you into conceding your right to defend yourselves? "

Why don't any pubbies enter these waters?