Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bloomberg apparatchik’s dark past provides clues to anti-gun present

What drives Mascia is anybody’s guess, but chances are her father having been an underworld killer with multiple hits under his belt had an influence. That probably comes as a surprise to many gun rights advocates, unaware that Al Jazeera told its readers “America's best hope for tracking gun deaths is a mob enforcer's daughter,” and Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action gushed on social media that her story was “Amazing.”
. . . So while empathy for a daughter dealing with traumatic stress is understandable, when coping defects are taken out on the rest of us, we’re under no obligation to tolerate resulting toxic and irrational damage. In the case of Meadow Soprano here, her “work” for Bloomberg would best be met with an invitation to take her damn Daddy Issues out on something else, and leave our rights alone.

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Anonymous said...

Little spoiled bitches like her (and I can say "bitch" in political correctness because I too am female) make me sick. Most, if not all, the offspring of these "tough-guy" mafioso types are cowardly little shits. I know; i grew up around many in Brooklyn circa 1970's. Always with the "you know who my father is?" bullcrap to get their butt out of a legitimate fight. That's why they love the idea of being an anonymous internet troll. How much more of a coward can you get? Well, those "Swatters" that make phony 9-1-1 calls on concealed carry folks are in the same league I guess....Murderer father or not, 20 seconds alone with this bitch would give me great pleasure. The last look on her face as she sees a grinning me holding her esophagus would really be priceless...