Thursday, May 7, 2015

I wonder if they need a speaker?

Oregon begins to fight back.
SB 941 I Will Not Comply
Saturday, May 30 at 12:00pm in PDT
900 Court Street NE, 160 Salem, OR 97301


Anonymous said...

I keep wondering why it is that the people don't come out in numbers until AFTER a bill is passed? Why aren't there masses when the bills are first introduced? And how many demoncrats get recalled after each one of these fiascos?

All this does is turn people into de facto felons and give the tyrants an excuse to arrest us.


Roger said...

Hey Anon at 8:33P...
Where were you in Feb when we had the demonstration at the OR State Capitol? Where were you when we showed up enmasse for the Senate Judiciary hearings? How many letters did you write in oppostion? Emails?

You think we're sitting here on our dead asses? The Dems control this legislature and they don't give a damn about the 2A.

Now it's time to move to armed civil disobedience and show these tyrants that we can easily nullify their edicts.

If you're afraid to take a stand, stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Fighting against Bloomberg's inroads in my OWN state, that's where. "Letter writing campaigns" and emailing these politicians does no good anymore. Anybody with more than two brain cells should know that by now. Only a threat of recall (loss of unearned income) means anything to these so-called legislators.

The ballot box doesn't work very well, either, in the long run. That leaves us with considering other means. Short of stomping on them, each of these cockroaches have secrets to hide that only needs threatened exposure, for one thing. This is a cold war and needs to be treated as such.

Gottlieb's answer is to waste more money in court trying to close the barn door AFTER the horses are out, and getting the lawsuit thrown out when he KNOWS he has no standing. Only those of us who've spent time in jail (for things we didn't do) have been damaged.

You're complaining to someone who's been fighting the system for over 30 YEARS, and that has been with well below poverty-level resources. So don't go making assumptions about another's 'lack of activism' until you know who you're dealing with. The only reason folks in MY state can carry openly and don't have to go through background checks for private transactions is because we HAVE been working and fighting the would-be tyrants- full time. And, like Mike, I'm old and tired and wondering if the new crop of activists have the wherewithal (or the smarts) to carry on. If they don't learn from the experience of others who've already been through the meat grinder, then our nation is lost.

If there's one thing I've learned in all this time, it's this: You can't use the methods that worked two generations ago (when most folks had a spark of common decency left in them) with the new crop of politicians. There's not much difference between the two parties (both are totally corrupt), but Demoncrats are, quite literally, flat out insane. You can't reason with them. There's only one thing an insane person is afraid of.


Roger said...


I wholeheartedly agree with your second post, though I disagree that the threat of a recall will seriously deter them. Recalls are underway here.

I am still confused by your original post though. You seem to think that nothing has been done prior to this. A lot has been done, but as I stated previously, these Dems don't give a damn about 2A.

Don't assume for a minute that I may not be older, and fighting this longer than you.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I read it, but back when Nixon was considering a nuclear option in the Viet Nam war, there were a lot of demonstrations going on, including the big ones on the Washington Mall. He commented one time that what scared him out of nuking Hanoi or the dike systems of North Viet Nam was seeing hundreds of thousands of people out there and worried that the demonstrations would grow even larger - and of course less manageable - if he'd used nukes.

A few dozen to a couple hundred people doesn't scare state legislators. Several thousand does. That's what these people need to see - enough angry people to know that we mean business if they don't quit screwing around with our very basic right to self defense.

I defended my home during the Watts riots with a 30-06. We were the only white folks in my nearby neighborhood of Compton when cars bristling with rifle and shotgun barrels went by looking for "Whitey". If I'd been required to pass a background check before my Dad handed his rifle to me while he made arrangements to get us out of there, I wouldn't have passed it - because I wasn't 18 at the time.

So federal and state statutes and regulations (which are not law to begin with) can take a back seat to my rights, as far as I'm concerned. We have rights by natural law. Only slaves have 'privileges'.