Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another important David Codrea exclusive that no one except his plagiarists in the "mainstream gun press" will notice.

Codrea breaks another important story. Documents point to 'smart gun' developer's ouster at Armatix
Since no one except his plagiarists is the so-called "mainstream gun press" will notice (and none of them will give him a link or a credit), please forward his link to any and all sites you think it appropriate.


Anonymous said...

There won't be a response unless it gets picked up by "Google approved sources"....and certain stocks take a hit. And that's why this story goes nowhere -

World stock markets are absolutely protected from outside angles that could start a uncontrollable slide.

This has one shot. And I mean one shot.
A certain female old school journalist should drop a dime on live TV, unexpectedly of course. But even then,I don't see the "Google truth editors" allowing this any play.

Think "solyndra".

Anonymous said...

Secret Deal Could Contain a Myriad of Gun Restrictions, Ammo Bans!

ACTION: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Orrin Hatch may soon give the President authority to write gun control restrictions into a “trade agreement.” So click here to contact your Senators –- whether they are liberal or conservative. Urge them to vote against the anti-gun “fast track” bill (S. 995).

Will UN-style gun control be rammed down our throats?

Gun import bans ... Microstamping of firearms ... Ammunition bans ... The full implementation of the anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty ... Illegal amnesty which locks in millions of new, anti-gun voters.

This anti-gun wish list could be part of the secret trade agreement that President Obama is getting ready to spring on the Congress.

This trade pact is called “fast track,” and what it means is that Obama can write any form of gun control he chooses into a trade agreement -- import bans, amnesty, etc.

Look up HR 1745 Bill at your local Gov website.
[link to (secure)]
They are asking for US to hand em in with cash return incentive....assault weapons for now but whats next??

How the TPP would affect YOU

[link to]

Here's just a very few ways this 2,000+ page far reaching monstrosity will enslave you--

Outsourcing of more jobs, no more worker safety laws
Outlaw alternative medicine incl supplements
Forced Monsanto GMO's everywhere (but not for elite)
US court system taken over by TPP corporations (you can't win)
Land & resource grabs--(TPP can take whatever they want)
Rampant pollution -- (clean air/water cuts corporate profit)
Gun grab (TPP can't crush democracy if citizens are armed)
Agenda 21 on steroids!
Unlimited immigration (like Europe has) of even more people who want your job or at least free handouts paid for by your taxes

Watch for this in TPP---
BEWARE OF THE WORD "HARMONIZE" in reference to laws/rules of our country with other countries. It is always a limit on our freedoms (2nd Amendment!), and always proposes to drag us down to their level of subservience to a bunch of self-aggrandized 'overlords' and leave us with a meager 3rd world existence.