Friday, May 1, 2015

Facebook gun threat against white cops points to more ‘progressive’ paradoxes

The paradox here is not what divides the individuals and groups, but in what unites them: “gun control.” With all the hatred directed toward white police in a department headed by a black commissioner and a city led by a black mayor, edicts designed to make police the “only ones” bearing arms are imposed by “progressive” politicians who are given power by the voters.

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Anonymous said...

BULLBLEEP!...All of it!

This Black woman and her 'Facebook' "Threats" against the Police, Actually is working with George Soros and the Police, to Try and Pre-Condition the American People in advance, to the staged and acted out "False Flag" attacks against the Police to come in the near future, so the American People ( In theory at least ), will not Buck, when Hate Crime legislation is proposed for even breathing near a Police Officer is proposed and Banning ALL photographing and video recording of a Police Officer is also brought up...All under the Guise of "Officer Safety"!

Also,there is not a single shred of evidence supporting the claim that the 'Bloods and Crips'are Planning on Killing Police Officers as the Police claim.

As loathesome and Murderous as the 'Bloods and Crips' are, they like the Italian Mafia are a Criminal Enterprise and Killing Police Officers is Bad for business. This is more attempted Trying to Pre-Condition the American People, to the "False Flag" attack against the Police to come, so the American People will find it more believable!