Friday, May 1, 2015

Colorado collectivist "global citizen" soils panties over Oregon miners and Oath Keepers.

Nature Caught in the Crosshairs at Oregon Militia Standoff


Johnny Gee said...

I knew this was progressive propaganda before I finished the first paragraph. It only got worse from there.

Anonymous said...

This article is an uninformed hack job by an obvious environmental extremist.

From unwarranted attacks on Cliven Bundy, to unrelated "reports" of damage caused by grazing that I have read nowhere else, the writer even trots out an image of the trusty old spotted owl, as to infer that animal is in danger from the mining claim.

Having seen a video explanation of the conflict from one of the claim's operators, I am convinced that the claim is legally operating under regulations passed in the 1870s, that BLM is in the practice of burning cabins in Josephine County, whether they are in legal use or not, and that the BLM is attempting to retroactively change the rules under which this mine operates.

The author speculates about unproven use of cyanide and mercury in the gold recovery process, and denigrates the people who have come, armed or not, to help the mine owner protect his claim, calling the Oath Keepers a "militia".

The mine owners have reason to fear others than the BLM. Environmental extremists have used bombings and arson in their "cause", and this secluded area is very likely to be attacked if not protected.

As expected, the author is pandering to his already convinced audience, but fails to relate this case to any facts available elsewhere.

PO'd American said...

Thanks for posting the link to this article. I can't quit laughing at her remarks. I have a mental picture of a hairy unshaven, Birkenstock wearing, female version of John Lennon. Spotted Owl my spotted a$$.

prambo said...

Goofy person making inane claims without benefit of first hand knowledge.

A "progressive collectivist" - do they know anything about the "spotted owl" at all, or mining, or the BLM, or OK?

No!!! Thus, agitprop.

Anonymous said...

That article is pure libel, nothing more.

Uncle Elmo said...

Yeah, the photo of the Spotted Owl was a nice touch. And of course the original Spotted Owl saga was a lie too.

BTW, the enviros here in the Sierra are now claiming that catastrophic wildfire is good for the owl. Rodents in fire scarred areas provide a 'rich food source' for the bird, they're telling us.

These people are psychotic. First they claim Spotted Owls are old growth dependent and need 2,000 acres of virgin timber per mating pair, now were supposed to let it all burn.

Now Cliven Bundy and the miners are a threat to nature. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

It was a dirty example of a common fight over land in the west, pitting environmentalists who advocate for careful resource extraction against bootstrapping, gun-waving, conspiracy-pushing misanthropes.

Such high praise ... from F...wits ...