Friday, March 6, 2015

Who Dares, Wins. David Codrea's reportage on the Spokane event, with links to live stream and updates.

Spokane protest to defy judge’s gun ban on federal grounds
Anthony Bosworth phoned Gun Rights Examiner after the event with a recap. All went well and peacefully. He did see snipers and helicopters. He spoke with authorities before the event, including one involved in his prior arrest (with whom he shook hands) and let them know they were going to defy the ban. They reiterated it would be a violation. He informed them he intended to anyway, and advised them to go inside the building and he would handle the crowd of supporters. They for the most part did so throughout. Bosworth initially walked the property and was then joined by other demonstrators. They were not confronted. Afterward some of the police personnel thanked him for being professional and maintaining control. He saw no signs of any of the provocateurs some feared might emerge, but did see some individuals thought to be undercover agents posing as homeless men. He is wrapping up at this writing and looking forward to ending a long day, as he only got about an hour of sleep last night.
Well done, Anthony, Maria, Kit & Company. I feel guilty not to have been there at your side.
More from KREM: Police allow armed activists on federal land despite ban.


the Plinker said...

I'm not sure anyone noticed, but this defiance of proto-tyranny happened on the 179th anniversary of the fall of the Alamo --
6 March 1836.

It's not just the Founders who'd be proud of these Washington patriots.

Anonymous said...

You can help these patriots by going here and giving a buck or two!

Death before slavery!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding!! And I offer that to Anthony, those who followed his lead AND all the LEOs who decided that doing the opposite of ferguson was the right thing to do. Rights were exercised by Citizens, observed, respected and by extension protected by LEO and nobody got hurt, beyond Bloomberg butt hurt anyway.

Imagine that. Seems like the only thing missing was mike talking. :).

Might I inject this tidbit?
Absent media pimps and their hos called gun controlling politicians, Citizens communicating directly with LEO, and then doing what they said and intended to do, no drama, be escalation and no harm was done. I hope EVERY COP in this country takes a good hard look absent the media hype and the controllers propaganda to see that we seek nothing more than exercise of our rights without being accused of being criminals because we do so.

Well done all around, imho.

John Stark said...

A total vindication of law-abiding gun owners who are willing to step forward and exercise their Right to Bear their Arms openly and proudly, right in front of the Feds.

And oddly enough, once again the Feds show they have no stomach for dealing with a crowd of Americans demonstrating in unison while openly carrying. First the Bundy Ranch retreat by the BLM special forces, and now Federal agents in WA. thinking twice about going after a crowd of Americans that mean business.

The plain fact of the matter is that if the American people would simply band together, Bear their arms, and take matters in hand, and lot of the anti-Liberty nonsense going on in this country would come to an end, and the fascists among us would be brought to heel. The spineless politicians we have in office nowadays don't have the guts to go through with the threats their gun bans amount to.

Its time we stop listening to the bed wetters and fence sitters and retake our Liberty for ourselves and our posterity. At this phase of the game, not a single shot would need to be fired if freedom-loving Americans would stand together and rattle the cages our political masters are attempting to build around us.

Serious, peaceful push-back by the American people would see these stuffed suits running for the hills, and we'd see a new (and much needed) rebirth of Liberty in the form and Spirit that our Founders intended.

Roger said...

Patriot's defying a federal judge? Is history repeating itself? A modern day Tea Party while the feds stand and watch.

The U.S. Constitution is easily interpreted. It takes a politician or a lawyer to subvert it, and a complacent citizenry to allow the subversion.

John Stark said...

Roger said, "The U.S. Constitution is easily interpreted. It takes a politician or a lawyer to subvert it, and a complacent citizenry to allow the subversion."

I've harped this point for a long time, but have never stated it so eloquently. Thank you for posting that.

Anonymous said...

Downright spooky... Anybody else react like I did to the use of black and white photos in the spread at the bottom of the report on the KREM site? It makes it look like something from pre-WWII Germany or the civil rights era South. Literally takes the color out of it and emotionally distances the viewer from the scene.

Damn, the bastards are shameless.

Anonymous said...

Looks like just a handful of society outcasts.

Anonymous said...

See a suspected agent? Follow him. Even if it isn't an agent, it's good practice. Not every skill is running around in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Then,sir, you really don't know us.