Friday, March 6, 2015

Katie Pavlich's exclusive: "Common AR-15 Green Tip Ammunition Already Banned in New ATF Regulation Guide."

Oops. The Congresscritters and the Fudds are NOT going to like this.


Anonymous said...

This is tyrants seizing powder and shot. Try and tell yourself it isn't. 30.06 M2 AP is also no longer exempted. How far do we let them degrade the potential combat effectiveness of citizens before we decide it's enough of a threat to liberty? When does it count as the "initiation of force"? When everywhere BUT Ft Sumter is disarmed and surrounded? Gonna be hard to hold the "moral high ground" with no frikkin ammo.

Anonymous said...

Like the ticking of a clock turning people into criminals is new? Cmon now, for thirty years the ticking of a clock has turned people into criminals - unlawful use of a weapon it's called here- the instant their firearms identification card "expires". I'm sure this state isn't alone on that front. That's why SAF is so foul in willingly conceding the permission slip power!!

Here's the REAL problem. Gun control laws CRIMINALIZE A RIGHT by default, offering permission based exemptions to that default illegality. That's guilty until allowed to be innocent once extorted randsom of various kinds is payed. It's all as backward as it gets.

My state - carrying a firearm in any way is absolutely illegal - period. But even when that specific language is shot down by courts, the legislature adds that exact language BACK into code but with a added "exemption" for those with permission. And this the NRA champions as "expanding gun rights". No, it's not. It only augments government usurped power to do things like ohhhhh remove exemptions unilaterally to reset right back to default mode - ILLEGAL!! Like, they could do so with unmmmm bullets!!! Whole cartridges even !!

Had enough of SAF and NRA dishonesty yet? Had enough of their ENABLING infringement yet? Eh FUDDS??

Sedition said...

Fuck the Feds. If they want this ammo, I say let them have round at a time.

Anonymous said...

I see some are feeling undergunned/not combat effective without Real AP or missing there Faux AP.
I feel fine.......
Hit center of 10" from 100yds to 1700yds with ball/otm, and you'll have no problem bringing fourth a Hundred Heads.
Why? -Train as you fight Fight as you train!!
The Idea that your going to go CQB against a....state or Govt sponsored strike is ... Suicidal, Madness, Delusional, Unrealistic and Damn Right a waist of your..."Resources."
Someone once said to me... How many hits can your Army take ?.... Hmmmmm?? The bulb now lit bright!!!
Because There's can take sooooo many/much more!
AND get proper Medical and Recoop!! Can your under hunted conditions?
The Constitution is not a U.S. Suicide Document..... nor is it....
A Reason to Committ Suicide!
Think about that...clearly and unemotionally and with Vision.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Pull one bullet at a time, mail it to the ATF. It'll have to do, until we can come up with a faster way to turn em in.

Anonymous said...

Don't always get to pick where and when you fight. But I'm sure you realize that, being all sniperly and such. You 'meet em at the door' with your bolt-gun, see what that gets ya. When they are stacked up, you'll find 8 rds of m2ap will be real helpful. Your slow, aimed fire not so much. Sorry to have interrupted your reverie, its obvious you are deep in Fantasyland, operating operationally. Hope your beards alright.

Liberty or Death said...

The soap box has failed. The elected "representatives" no longer listen to us. When someone speaks up, they are only preaching to the choir. The ballot box does no good. The elected "representatives" ignore the will of those who elected them and violate their oaths of office willfully. The jury box is no longer effective. Those in power openly ignore rulings against them on the rare occasion that happens. This leaves one last box. The cartridge box. It must be used judiciously. Ignore the president, he has no real power if those elected are willing to stop him. It is time to remind them where the real power lies. Besides, harming him would only make a martyr of him. Start with the bureaucrats and oath breakers then break contact and melt into the population. If you are trying to engage in running battles, you are doing it wrong. Surgical precision is what is required here. Once they realize they are no longer safe, they will leave office on their own and disappear into obscurity.

KUETSA said...

Hey, isn't life great in a free country! No , I mean a REALLY free country! Not like France, where you don't have a right to defend yourself, and it's the job of the police to defend you. (We see how good that system works!) We have a "BILL OF RIGHTS" - a "SECOND AMENDMENT"! We, as a people, have a RIGHT TO POWER, to provide OUR OWN SECURITY, to ENSURE OUR OWN FREEDOM! WE ARE GUARANTEED THE CAPABILITY TO JOIN TOGETHER TO FIGHT AND WIN AGAINST AN INVADING ARMY - EVEN AGAINST OUR OWN GOVERNMENT SHOULD IT COME TO PASS THAT IT GROWS SO OPPRESSIVE AS TO STOMP US DOWN UNDER ITS TYRANNY!!!

So the state takes our rifles, the feds take our ammo, yet our government leaders are concerned to ensure they are not depriving us of our second amendment enjoyment, our right to hunt a deer! Our government loves free sportsmen, enjoying their freedom for all the world to see. I forgot to mention, FREE SPORTSMEN DO NOT NEED 10 ROUNDS TO KILL A DEER!

So we are left with the equivalent of pitchforks and torches to provide OUR OWN SECURITY, to ENSURE OUR OWN FREEDOM, to FIGHT AN INVADING ARMY, OR OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT.

However true it is that we live in a free country - rights to freedom are not unlimited, and "sensible" guidelines are mandated by law. In the interest of "PUBLIC SAFETY" citizens pitchforks must have tines no longer that 2 inches - and upon purchase a background check shall be performed before a state license is issued for right to possession. In addition, whereas the government recognizes citizens rights to torches for the purpose of creating havoc and mayhem in fighting tyranny, traditional torches exceed greenhouse gas emission limits as mandated by the EPA. As a result, citizens torches are mandated to be of the battery powered LED type as of 2/1/2015.



Anonymous said...

This is a test of our republican house. This reclassification has no merit and should be abandoned immediately.

Anonymous said...

Apparently ATF has quickly responded and claimed that this was a publishing mistake which will be corrected in future copies. Considering the source, I doubt it was accidental, but they at least seem to have backed off trying to put this in early.

The omission of the exemption for M2 AP, as the first commenter notes, is interesting. Wonder if they were trying to pull a fast one or if they have another surprise planned for a month or two in the future.

Anonymous said...

Government to citizens:

F**k your constitution and bill of rights, slaves.

Anonymous said...

They will rob us of all calibers of ammo. One caliber at a time. We will be toothless when they are done. Moral high ground, is our mantra. While they exhibit none !!! They wipe their arses with the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Stick it under our noses and tell us, how good it smells. Behind Enemy Lines/Unconstitutional, Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20.

Cameraman said...

As time Goes By...they are slowly Taking away one prop or Item at a Time, turning the heat up on the Frog in the Pot..I applaud What Mike and Company are doing, waving a red Flag at a Bull, and getting in their Faces! We Need plenty more of that with ARMED citizens, and Show them the REAL Teeth of Liberty!!However with each banned Item and each stab in The Back, we loose ground and the ability to meet them on equal Terms.
We need to take stock, and we need to Band together and Train for any encounter they have Planned..People we are running out of TIME!

Its Time folks to look in the Mirror and Ask that question, are You Ready?

Semper Fi